Influence through every stage and touchpoint of client acquisition to secure more conversions and ensure that potential leads don't get swiped by competitors.  

Merging marketing and IT to ensure relevance in a highly digital world, The Leaning Tree Marketing understands how all the little parts work together to make something BIG happen. 

Bridge the gap between traditional, digital marketing and advertising...offline and online. Find your niche audience, build local SEO, become socially present and digitally dominant. Get your competitive groove on! 

The Leaning Tree Marketing: See what an experienced and innovative digital marketing strategist can do for your business!
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Ranking high in Organic SERPS will require more than a good website with lots of industry keywords...

Achieving Better Search Engine Results for your Business is a Strategic Endeavor with many moving parts.
The Leaning Tree Marketing was a long-time vision of service which came to life December of 2009.  The idea - to provide personalized marketing and advertising solutions directly aligned with client business goals. (Versus the needs/sales goals of a corporation.) Over the years, this client-centered focus has not changed. 

What has changed?  IT and marketing have merged into this amazingly complex and exciting digital environment.  A business can no longer be competitive and obtain substantial growth without a solid digital foundation and touchpoints that go far beyond a well developed website. 

The Leaning Tree Marketing is driven to stay on top of the changing marketplace and to ensure that cutsom strategies provide the results clients are looking for.
Local SEO and SEM
Both SEM and SEO are terms used in the digital industry and important for your business to understand.  See an explanation by clicking on this photo link.
Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies include: Local Search Engine Optimization,(SEO), Website Audits, SEO Development & Maintenance, Customer Acquisition Across Multiple Touchpoints, Social Media and Online Reputation Management, Keyword Research, Content Development, Building Brands, and Business Website Performance Tracking.