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Leaning Tree Digital Marketing; Local SEO Business Consulting

The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing offers professional SEO services that help companies of all sizes build a cohesive brand while increasing their online visibility and organic search results.  This includes Local SEO services for a products / service related businesses with brick & mortar physical locations, as well as online-only businesses who rely 100% on their website to generate income.

  • Improve Local Business Search Results / Google Maps
  • Improve Organic Search Results
  • Rank for More Industry & Service Related Keywords
  • Build Domain Authority to Support SEO & PPC
  • Obtain Keyword Research & Strategically Crafted Content
  • Gain Overall Visibility & Brand Cohesiveness

The Leaning Tree Marketing optimizes a business website after careful research, audit, competitive analysis & SEO ranking factors are considered.

If it’s local business search optimization your looking for, your in the right place. The Leaning Tree Marketing knows just which tasks to prioritize & implement to ensure that your business starts to rank locally on places like Google Maps and Bing Local.

is often involved in long-term SEO & marketing endeavors to ensure cohesiveness & alignment to brand & bottom line objectives.  In other cases, digital strategies such as site audits, citation building, content development, on-page SEO & website maintenance can be provided on shorter-term contractual basis.

Help Business Rank Higher in Search Results

A business can no longer be competitive and obtain substantial growth without SEO, a favorable online presence, and an aggressive overall digital strategy.   

A business should refrain from investing money into advertising or marketing until their online reputation and overall internet visibility is solid. 

Ranking high in organic SERP’s or Local Search will require more than a good website with lots of industry keywords.  Achieving Better Search Engine Results for your Business is a Strategic Endeavor with many moving parts.  Influence through every stage and touchpoint of client acquisition to secure more conversions and ensure that potential leads don’t get swiped by competitors.  

The Leaning Tree Digital helps your business rank higher in search results. 

An SEO audit is almost always a great place to start…   Learn more About The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing


About Leaning Tree

SEO Consulting Services

The Leaning Tree Marketing has been consulting a variety of businesses in the Metro-Milwaukee area since December, 2009.  In the beginning, the vision was to provide creative, personalized solutions & professional services which directly aligned with the business goals of each client.  

Over the years, this client-centered focus has not changed. 

What has changed over the years is the merging of IT Developer & Marketing functions.  The rise of Google & all it’s algorithm glory.  The importance of on-page & technical SEO functions.  The desire for creative content.  The expansion & segregation of audience.  The necessity for online brand & visibility. The death of a business who doesn’t speak to the customer.

Digital Marketing Strategist

This  person is often involved in the execution, effectiveness and efficiency of marketing investments that impact search engine optimization.  A digital strategist works as a consultant to business owners, and occasionally part of a larger digital team such as website developers and PPC.

A Digital strategist develops customized integrated, multi-faceted & complex SEO strategies which are aligned towards accomplishing client business goals.  Ideally, this person should be included in all marketing endeavors to help ensure all aspects are cohesive.

SEO Business Services

Website SEO Audit
On-Page SEO
Content Development
Authentic Ghostwriting
Local SEO / Google Maps
Google My Business Management
Organic SEO
Social Media Management
Website Maintenance
Performance Reports
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Content & Keyword Audit
Internal Site & Structure Audit
Citation & Link Building
Link & Anchor Text Audit

The addition of my services, expertise & accountability encourage Web Developers, Pay-Per-Click, IT & Marketing to merge into a more cohesive, efficient & effective digital team for your business.

michelle bobzien, m bobzien, leaning tree marketing“Always driven to stay on top of the changing digital horizon & to ensure that organic SEO strategies provide the results clients are looking for.” 

“I am a small investment with high return. Organic SEO, most notably Local Organic SEO is my specialty. How & where do I fit on your team?!”

Michelle Bobzien, Digital Strategist & Owner of The Leaning Tree Marketing


Contact Info

Hire SEO Consultant

Who you decide to hire for SEO is a big decision for your business.  Make sure you hire an SEO consultant who has a good understanding of your business, as well as best practices SEO strategies.  The Leaning Tree Digital has the qualities and experience to take your SEO to the next level.  In the beginning, we’ll need to spend a little time together so that I can learn about your business and your vision.  At the same time, I can share with you a little bit more about my business.  Ultimately,  you decide if we are a good fit.   When you’re  ready The Leaning Tree Digital contact information is below:

Contact:  Michelle Bobzien, Digital Strategist & Owner

phone:  414-322-8859

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The Leaning Tree Digital is located in the Metro-Milwaukee, Wisconsin market but serves clients all over the United States. This is not a location-based business as clients do not come to my physical location.  However, local clients benefit from convenient meetings at their storefronts or business offices.  In other cases, business is conducted over the phone, email, or online. 

Working Within Your Budget & Timeframe

If you wish to improve online visibility & SEO, but don’t  have the budget to do it all at once, The Leaning Tree Digital establishes a custom strategy that fits within company limitations, but is still able to accomplish highest priority items on the front end.

If you are a web-based business, achieving a solid domain authority and maximizing organic traffic is going to be a top priority.  Steer clear of SEO companies who promise rank placement, it’s simply not possible to make such a guarantee.  The truth is that organic placement is earned.  Some clients have immediate results, and others see more results over time.

If you are a business with one or more physical locations where you invite clients or customers; you’ll be most interested in achieving local organic search engine results.  (Google Local Pack, Google Maps, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, etc.) Local search results will require more…on top of the best practice strategies recommended to improve organic traffic. (Development of location landing pages, Google My Business & citation building, etc.)

In either case, your results will vary on a large number of factors, including how competitive your industry is.  In either case, SEO is a big job and takes a team to do it effectively & efficiently.

How To Communicate With The Leaning Tree Digital

The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing is a consultant-based business who handles the majority of client business online.   The internet makes handling business more convenient for the customer most of the time.  However, The Leaning Tree is a savvy business that takes the time to consider all areas of communication to ensure clients receive the best service available.

The Leaning Tree Digital follows Google best practice SEO strategies & offers customized strategic plans.

Learn more About The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing.

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