About Leaning Tree

SEO Consulting Services

The Leaning Tree Marketing has been consulting a variety of businesses in the Metro-Milwaukee area since December, 2009.  In the beginning, the vision was to provide creative, personalized solutions & professional services which directly aligned with the business goals of each client.  

Over the years, this client-centered focus has not changed. 

What has changed over the years is the merging of IT Developer & Marketing functions. The rise of Google search optimization, Google My Business, and their influence on business success. An internet brand & visibility priority. Reaching & connecting with an expansive & segregated audience.  The death of a business who doesn’t keep up with the quickly changing digital environment. 

Digital Marketing Strategist

When it comes to ensuring your business website is a top-performer; hiring a digital team that is  knowledgeable, trustworthy, collaborative & flexible cannot be underestimated. A digital strategist wears many hats & although they are likely familiar with all areas of SEO, they may have different areas of expertise. This  person often leads or is integrated into the execution, effectiveness and efficiency of investments that impact organic and local organic search engine optimization of a business website.  A digital strategist works as a consultant and strategist to business owners, and often is an integral part of a larger digital team involving website developers and PayPerClick.

This is what you’ll find with The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing. Developing, testing & implementing customized integrated, multi-faceted & complex SEO strategies which are aligned towards accomplishing your business goals.  I am an advanced freelance writer for the the legal industry. In addition to superior content development, I also specialize in organic search optimization; most notably local SEO.  I am addicted to website audits & With my skills & experience, I either lead or am included in all internet-related endeavors to help ensure cohesiveness & effectiveness. 

The addition of my services, expertise & accountability encourage Web Developers, Pay-Per-Click, IT & Marketing to merge into a more cohesive, efficient & effective digital team for your business.

michelle bobzien, m bobzien, leaning tree marketing“Always driven to stay on top of the changing digital horizon & to ensure that organic SEO strategies provide the results clients are looking for.” 

“I am a small investment with high return. Organic SEO, most notably Local Organic SEO & legal industry copywriting are my specialties. How & where do I fit on your team?!”

Michelle Bobzien, Digital Strategist & Owner of The Leaning Tree Marketing