About Leaning Tree

SEO Consulting Services

The Leaning Tree Marketing has been consulting small to mid-sized businesses in the Metro-Milwaukee area since December, 2009.  In the beginning, the vision was to provide creative, personalized solutions & professional services which directly aligned with the business goals of each client.  

Over the years, this client-centered focus has not changed. 

What has changed over the years is the merging of IT Developer & Marketing functions.  The rise of Google & all it’s algorithm glory.  The importance of on-page & technical SEO functions.  The desire for creative content.  The expansion & segregation of audience.  The necessity for online brand & visibility. The death of a business who doesn’t speak to the customer.

Digital Marketing Strategist

This  person is often involved in the execution, effectiveness and efficiency of marketing investments including search engine optimization.  A digital strategist works as a consultant to business owners, and occasionally part of a larger digital team.

A Digital strategist develops customized integrated, multi-faceted & complex strategies which are aligned towards accomplishing client business goals.  Ideally, this person should be involved in all marketing endeavors to help ensure all aspects are cohesive.

michelle bobzien, m bobzien, leaning tree marketing“Always driven to stay on top of the changing digital horizon, and to ensure that strategies provide the results clients are looking for.” 

Michelle Bobzien, Digital Strategist & Owner of The Leaning Tree Marketing