"We've all heard it somewhere..."the ads just didn't work."  Most media outlets are supported by advertisers so they must work to s & can also work for you  IF THEY ARE USED CORRECTLY."


Ranking Factors: Search Engine Optimization
How often, and how high you appear in search engine results pages, (SERP's), is hands down the most important and impactful advertising...especially for local businesses.

Don't underestimate the importance of the "local pack" and "local organic ranking!" 

There are many factors that go into the process of Google optimization, such as signals from My Business, Links, Citations, On-Page, Reviews, Citations, etc.  SEO is an ever-changing, competitive, and fast-paced endeavor.  Make your you hire a digital strategist, like The Leaning Tree, that knows SEO. 


Online Reputation Management, ORM, implies that you must BE WHAT customers are looking for, KNOW WHERE they are looking...and LOOK GOOD at the same time. 

Information pertaining to your business has to be relevant and positive, evolving with your business...as well as the demands of the marketplace.  

Your customers have been given a voice that allows them to share publicly about your business.  Get organized, become part of the conversation and gain control over how future customers find and perceive your business online.   


 **Online Monitoring & what you should listen for**

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LOCAL Organic Search & PPC
Local Organic Search Optimization is #1 PRIORITY for small business.  You don't pay extra for  organically generated "clicks." Optimizing your local organic search results, SERP's, will offer substantial traffic gains to  your website and yeild a higher return for a significantly lower investment than PPC.  

With PPC, your visits stop when you stop paying. In addition to management fees, PPC requires a budget for purchasing Ads on search engines.  However, if your organic visibility is solid, and you have the money to invest in PPC, it can be an excellent added value when done correctly. 

Start with Google My Business!


The future of how you develop new customers is inherently social!  Social is the new 'word of mouth' advertsing.  Customers base their perception of your business on reviews, referrals, opinions, connections and image. They just expect your business to have social maturity... it's the new language standard, and your business must have it.   

**Importance of implementing a Social Media Strategy**

Optimized Business WEBSITE
Need we mention how important your website is to the success of any branding or advertising campaign?  Your site needs to refect what potential customers/clients are looking for.  Optimize both desktop and mobile.  Never set and forget!  Review and refresh or develop new content, update on-page SEO, monitor Google Analytics and site performance and conduct site maintenance.  Always adhere to Google Best Practices for SEO.  When was your last website audit? 

Good branding and advertising can drive traffic, but the conversion of a visitor to a phone call or online inquiry greatly depends on the quality of your website.  
Cohesive Branding 
& Link Building 
Strive for a local brand that consumers can easily recall and associate with reliability and dominance among your competitors.  A strong brand relates to consumers and represents your business image.

When you advertise, connect online and off-line media channels to your cohesive brand.  Ensure all digital platforms and touchpoints are using the same brand information to establish excellent frequency benefits. Brand across multiple touchpoints  

Strive for your business Name, Address, Phone, (NAP), to be consistent 100% of the time!  Use this information to build valuable links and citations to your website.  When it all comes together, it will benefit your business on many levels...including local SEO!


Frequency & Reach

Your audience can no longer be found on one channel, or in one social forum, or one directory...so neither should your budget!  

Beware of the salesman who promises your niche audience but charges for the potentiality of reaching the masses.   

In this cluttered message world of niche audiences, it's important to be heard and seen as frequently as possible...to the people that matter most.  This is why cohesive branding &  link building across various networks, channels, touchpoints, platforms where your customers can be found, is so important.  

If your brand is cohesive across ALL touchpoints and channels where your audience can be found, and if your message is compelling and fills a want or need... then frequency will build naturally.  

CONTENT (Inbound) Marketing

Is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is non-interruption marketing through photos, video, downloads, infographics, etc. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information relevant to the audience you are in front of.  This content strategy believes that if your business delivers consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.  (And, it costs much less than traditional advertising.)

Google looks at content much the same way.  If your content is valuable to others, then it will definately be valuable to Google!

Side Note:  Don't forget cohesive brand, alt text and valuable links to your content.

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