"Few people achieve success alone;

it takes other people to help you

reach your greatness."  - Jim Collins 





Michelle Bobzien

Owner, The Leaning Tree



Favorite Quotes:

"Good is the enemy 

of GREAT!"           - Jim Collins


"Problems are guidlines, not stopsigns."   -Dr. R.H. Schuller


Education: Bachelor Degree

Business Marketing,

Minor Business Management

SIMPLE FACT:  The more senses you can connect to:  


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michelle bobzien
Michelle Bobzien

"If you are like so many business owners, there's just not enough time in the day to do it ALL, and to do it all EXCEPTIONALLY WELL." 


"Transform digital marketing efforts into new customer acquisition while operating more efficiently in a digital and search optimizing environment. Start with a Digital Strategist to develop, nuture, and grow your online business.  The Leaning Tree offers innovative and up-to-date best practice solutions to help your business gain competitive momentum."


Michelle Bobzien, Digital Marketing Strategist & Owner of The Leaning Tree Marketing


Call: 414-322-8859 

or email Michelle@LeaningTreeMarketing.com

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But, don't take my word for it, read my business testimonials!  

What is a Digital Marketing Strategist?  
digital marketing strategist
Digital Marketing Strategist
A large part of digital marketing campaigns include the development and implementation of strategies that help improve search engine optimization.  A digital strategist should be involved in all marketing endeavors to help ensure all aspects are cohesive and aligned to the goal objectives of the client business.  This  person is often involved in the execution, effectiveness and efficiency of marketing investments including search engine optimization.  A digital strategist works as a consultant to business owners.  They therefore have a solid understanding and experience with SEO & SEM, marketing, advertising, website analytics, keyword research, content development, website audits, and branding. 
Highly Digital Consultant Business Services 
Leaning Tree Digital Marketing
Leaning Tree LLC Digital Marketing

We know that a business can no longer be competitive and obtain substantial growth without SEO, a favorable online presence, and an aggressive overall digital strategy.   

The Leaning Tree Marketing is driven to stay on top of the changing marketplace to ensure that custom strategies provide the results clients are looking for.

Q:  Understand the importance of appearing high in local Google search engine results, but your business isn't where it needs to be?

Q:  Want to build frequency and word of mouth with a cohesive business brand that works harder for you?

Q:  Need to develop keyword optimized content, become more organized, and get more from advertising investments? 

Q:  Want to become more competitive and achieve bigger business goals but don't have the resources to make them happen? 


If you've answered yest to any of the above, The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing can help! Working from an existing business plan, or from the ground up; with an existing team or independently,.. 'The Leaning Tree' is your single source Digital Marketing Strategist with a proven track record of developing effective marketing, advertising, and local SEO strategies that work.  

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