SEO Services

Search engines are powerful lead channels that drive traffic to a website. SEO services ensure that your products and services are highly visible to related searches. Unlike paid strategies, organic SEO work is sustainable. These are reasons why most businesses strive to be on page one of Google. The problem is time. (Too little of it.) And, understanding. (It’s complicated!) You know your business and do it well. When we put our heads together, we’ll get things done. Michelle at Leaning Tree Marketing knows how to make the needle move.

  • Organic SEO / Technical SEO / Content SEO
  • Local SEO / Google Maps/ Geo-Targeting
  • KPIs / Analytics / Webmaster / Developer Tools
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Revamping Websites/ New Website Planning
  • Website Audits / Competitive Analysis
  • High-Value Citations / Link Building


SEO Services That Can Improve Rankings

There are key ranking factors to adhere to in order to improve rankings on search engines like Google. Many folks don’t realize that there are different types of SEO. Each type has its own process and its own strategy. Sometimes they overlap. (Example: On-Page SEO can be considered part of On-Site SEO which can also be part of Content SEO.) The Leaning Tree Digital not only understands the ranking factors but also knows how to implement them.

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Site SEO
  • Off-Site SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content SEO


Michelle Bobzien at Leaning Tree provides business services that help to improve rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.


Mobile SEO Services For Business

Mobile represents more than 50% of total website traffic. This makes search optimization on mobile a no-brainer. Ensure that website visitors can quickly load, easily navigate and fully digest the content on your website. (What it has to offer, why choose your business, etc.) Web pages should effectively represent your practice, goods, services, or products. Most importantly, your mobile site should convert visitors into customers or clients. To do this, your information should be “easy to digest.” Presented in bullet-points, short paragraphs, and make sure that links and contact information are in-tact and easy find. Ultimately, all versions of your website should be easily read and understood by search engines…especially on mobile. All of these things are mobile SEO goals.

Organic SEO Services

Ranking high in organic search engine results is cheaper, more valuable, and longer-lasting than any other endeavor. (Unless there’s lots of money set aside for paid advertising, it’s the way to go.) Organic SEO services encourage “free” and fully organic search engine results. These can appear in national SERP’s or Local SERP’s. (If you have a physical office or location.) Organic SEO Services offered by The Leaning Tree are all-encompassing with a large focus on content. Once a website is technically sound, you can start targeting low-competition keywords that have a decent amount of search traffic. Most businesses see ranking improvements right away.

Outsource Professional SEO Services

Google’s best practices and algorithm changes are a lot to stay on top of.  (Not to mention, implementation and maintenance, and performance tracking.) When your in-house team doesn’t have experience with search engine optimization, the best advice is to outsource professional SEO services. It will save you time, and money. The Leaning Tree provides SEO services that align with your specific goals.

Is your business in a highly competitive industry? B2B no problem. B2C no problem. Just expect SEO to be a full-time job for a collaborative Digital Team.

Where To Get An SEO Audit

The Leaning Tree Digital works on both short-term projects, (contracts), and long-term partnerships. Nearly all SEO-related services are offered. Get professional services that support SEO techniques and strategies. What works for your business will depend largely on your industry’s competitiveness, goals, and resources. The more competitive your industry or marketplace is, the more it should invest into SEO services. The best place to start is with an SEO audit.

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