SEO Services

The Leaning Tree Digital SEO services work best when current Developers, PPC, and other team members come together to stay on top of multi-faceted and demanding SEO tasks.

SEO Business Services: Leaning Tree Digital

  • Website Audits Technical & Content
  • On-Page SEO (Page Titles/Tags & Descriptions)
  • Existing Content Development & Refresh
  • Ghostwriting / Freelance Writer / Business Blogging
  • Advanced Legal Industry Copywriting
  • Local SEO / Google Maps
  • Google My Business Management
  • Organic SEO strategies for Website
  • Social Media Management & Posts
  • Monthly Website Maintenance
  • Performance Reports Interpretation
  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Citations & Link Building
  • Website Analytics Interpretation

It may sound like a lot of services & it truly is! Search engine optimization is an ongoing endeavor with a large number of many moving parts. Just keeping up with Google algorithm updates is a challenge for any business.

Google Best Practices

The Leaning Tree Digital follows Google Best Practices and all of the elements that combine to make SEO work for your business.  The Leaning Tree Digital is knowledgeable in many areas of SEO & has a passion for auditing, developing & optimizing website content to support organic SEO. (Especially Local Business SE0!)  Over the years of working with law firms, advanced legal copywriting has been developed.

SEO is important for business websites

Do you click on anything past page one of search results? It’s not likely & it’s also the reason so many businesses desire to get on page one of Google. Most business owners understand that search engines drive traffic to their website & are a powerful lead channel. The importance of search optimization cannot be overstated, but most businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to keep up with it.

Where Business Website Traffic Comes From

More than 50% of your website traffic is going to come from phones & tablets. Since Google enforced Mobile-first indexing, it has been super important to ensure that your mobile site is optimized. This doesn’t mean that you forget desktop traffic, but it does complicate things a bit.

Your website, (both mobile & desktop) should be coded & designed to ensure search engine crawlers can easily read & understand your content. It should also be developed to ensure that website visitors can easily navigate and understand your business. (What it has to offer, why choose your business, etc.) Keywords within detailed, quality & authoritative web pages basically represent your practice, goods, services or products.

Unless you want to pay big money for PPC traffic, most of your website traffic will come from natural, free & organic search engine results. There are many proven strategies to improve organic traffic and appear higher in these results. The challenge is that nothing pertaining to website SEO ever stops moving. Just keeping up with Google algorithm updates is a challenge welcomed by SEO experts but enough to drive a business owner to insanity. There is ALWAYS something that can be tweaked or improved on your website to maintain your competitive position. If you have a brick & mortar business, local SEO will become a necessary additional focus. Many local SEO & eCommerce strategies begin by ensuring organic & technical SEO has been correctly implemented first.

The competitiveness of your industry will dictate how much time, money & energy should be placed on search optimization for your website & development of your digital team.

For best results, find a digital strategist or SEO Consultant like The Leaning Tree Digital that offers a wide variety of knowledge, experience & specialty services to maximize your internet strategy & visibility potential.

For more information about the services outlined on this page call contact Michelle Bobzien, Digital Strategist & Owner of Leaning Tree Digital: