Basic Metric Terms To Know 
Organic Vs Paid Search:  Non-Paid, natural search traffic to your site is 'organic' in nature. Develop better-informed strategies by understanding which organic and paid keywords are driving the most traffic, leads, and customers.  
Direct traffic Vs Referral:  Traffic to your website that doesn't come through any other channel. Instead, this traffic comes in by direct "key-in" of your site URL.  (Ex: typed in the search bar.)  Any inbound links coming from another a Referral.  
Conversion VS Lead:  A lead can be defined in many ways.  In Google Analytics, however, the completion of an activity is considered a 'conversion.'  A conversion can be a visit or session that leads to an e-mail, call, form submittal, or other transaction.  (You must predefine goals in Google Analytics in order to track them!) 
Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate:  Percentage of 'bounces' that a page receives, calculated from the number of entrances to the site for each page.  If a visitor has already seen another page of your site before exiting this is counted towards the 'exit rate' rather than the bounce rate.  The importance of bounce rate is significant, especially pertaining to PPC campaigns.  A good benchmark, stay below 50% bounce rate.  
Visits/Sessions vs Unique Visitors:  A visit is counted each time a customer reaches your  site.  ( A single visit can include viewing multiple pages, which is why they are sometimes called "sessions.")  One person can make several visits to your site.  Each time they exit, and enter again, it's considered a new visit.  (More 'unique visitors' implies that your site is attracting fresh leads.) 

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ANALYTICS DATA AND SEARCH CONSOLE TOOLS: Improve your website, and your bottom line! 
WEBSITE ANALYTICS = Website Performance
Find a wealth of useful information!
*Unique Page Views & Number Visitors
*Keywords & Search Terms
*Site Paths & Referral Sources
*Exits/Bounces/Clicks & Tracks
*Mobile vs Desktop Performance
*Organic vs Paid Leads
*Landing Page Effectiveness
*Geographic & Demographic Profiles
*Return on Investment Data
Are analytics perfect?  Not perfect. Anyone who has spent time looking at website traffic numbers knows that there are many variables involved.  (User IP's, Web browser options, Third-party plug-ins, Spam, etc.)  The main idea here is to keep an open mind, monitor frequently and look for key changes and correlations to other factors such as conversions and bottom line sales numbers. The most accurate data will be found with Google Analytics or Google Search Console.  
Google Search Console for Website Owners 
setup Google Search Console
Like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, (previously WebMaster Tools), is a free service that helps to monitor, maintain, and help optimize your your websites online presence. Click on logo for more info. 

Google Analytics for Website Owners
how to setup google analytics
This free tool from Google is easy to use.  It will help you learn more about your customers, your website, advertising effectiveness, and pinpoint new opportunities that may otherwise have been missed. 

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