Affordable SEO Solutions

For more than ten years, The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing has connected goods & services to new clients and customers. Take advantage of IT and marketing skills as they have merged into a powerfull tool for the benefit of your business. Choose to make the Leaning Tree your online “team lead” or as an intigral part of your existing team. As an agency, the Leaning Tree works as a “white-label” partner. In either capacity; gain access to top-notch services to appear higher in search engine results and make your branding message be heard. The Leaning Tree Digital is your source for SEO solutions that are affordable, flexible, and proven.

Search optimization, (SEO), is multi-faceted including both technical & user-friendly website elements, branded internet visibility, social media, competitive & sometimes local SEO tactics. Learn more about my Digital Marketer who is experienced in these areas.

Establish a cohesive brand, powerful niche & overall competitive advantage that focuses on big picture SEO using Google & Bing, while maximizing impressions & the many touchpoints a customer visits along their online journey

Optimization of Organic (Free) SEO strategies means that your business doesn’t have to rely 100% on paid ads to generate new business. More people chose to click on natural search results & they are typically more qualified leads as well.

Servicing the Metro-Milwaukee area & far beyond (of course!)

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Achieve Your Online Visibility Goals

To be seen and pursued by your target audience, isn’t that what every business desires? Search engine results are the biggest way to achieve these online visibility goals. The”nuts & bolts” of a mobile friendly website, the content it houses, a social presence and links are all important factors. Because a website can quickly become outdated, inoperable, or irrelevant, it must be setup correctly and maintenanced. Then, there’s the “secret sauce” that makes search engine optimization too tricky to do on your own. To achieve your online visibility goals, it may take a team of highly skilled professionals.

Local SEO Marketing

When you’re a local business with brick-and-mortar locations, it is important to optimized local seo marketing. By following local SEO best practices, The Leaning Tree Digital helps maximize local search visibility. This means that you will appear higher in searches made in nearby areas. More competitive industries will find this more difficult to achieve without professional assistance.

Organic SEO Marketing

Regardless if you have a physical location or website-only business, Organic SEO is important. Organic SEO Marketing achieves search results in a natural form. (non-paid) To maximize online visibility, there are specific strategies to impliment. Due to your marketplaces, competition, and Google algorithms, the details of these strategies frequently change.

  • Technical SEO
  • High-quality & relevant content
  • Meta tags
  • Searchers Intent & Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Off site touchpoints
  • Expertise & Authority

Reaching Search Engines And Satisfying Customers

It’s equally important to achieve a search engine-friendly website as it is a user-friendly one. To accomplish this, it’s a bit of a balancing act. To function at optimal level, your mobile website requires constant attention and evaluation from different viewpoints. The Leaning Tree Digital works directly with Website Developers and Pay-Per-Click folks to ensure your business website and local factors are setup to get noticed by search engines and people. SEO strategies implemented follow Google’s Best Practices guidelines. The addition of creative elements, competitive comparisons, customer feedback and other tactics ensure that your business is doing all that it can to get noticed by search engines; turn clicks into customers!

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