Online Marketing Services

Strategies that organically increase business leads to a website will include a combination of marketing objectives that address both content and search optimizing effectiveness. Leaning Tree Marketing provides these solutions as an outsourcing solution.


Online Strategies That Grow Business

Does your business need more qualified website traffic, improved ranking positions, a stronger social media presence, or more responsive messaging? Do you have trouble keeping up with SEO ranking factors and the constant flow of fresh content? These are all important goals and tasks that many businesses find impossible to tackle on their own. Here’s the good news… you’ve come to the right place. Michelle Bobzien has a proven track record of providing top-notch online strategies that help grow business. Your business. When choosing to contract Leaning Tree Marketing for services, you’ll gain access to a powerhouse of strategies including Content and SEO services


Who can develop marketing strategies that have a hyper-focus on web content with SEO implementation? Leaning Tree Marketing has this unique skill set to address both disciplines.

Influence Ranking Factors

Content writing is a process of communication to connect and engage with readers. It involves copywriting to influence decisions. It also involves a vast amount of keyword research, setting the tone, branding, and editing. For maximum impact, every website content strategy incorporates SEO to influence ranking factors. Done correctly, it means more online visibility, better-qualified leads to your website, and more long-term success.


Improve Website Performance

Search optimization, (SEO), is a multi-faceted endeavor that helps gain positions in search engine results pages. (SERPs) An SEO strategy is an action plan to improve website rankings and increase organic traffic. 

Ensure that a website is technically sound and provides a great user experience. (UX) Establish a cohesive online brand. Gain natural links, more authority, and increased visibility. To be successful, you’ll need a person who can stir up the secret sauce. 

Organic (Free Traffic) is the ultimate goal. Why? Because more people chose to click on “natural” search results & they are typically more qualified leads as well. It’s good to know that your business doesn’t have to rely on paid ads to generate new business.


The Content SEO Balance

Here’s the eureka moment; content is nothing without SEO, and SEO is nothing without content. To improve competitive position, you’ll need both. Whether content is freshly published or updated, it must be relevant to your audience, and adhere to Search Quality Rater Guidelines. SEO tactics ensure that a website functions properly – optimized according to ranking factors and algorithm updates. There is an overlap between the two disciplines as well. For example, metadata is an SEO action for the content page. It involves keywords, descriptions, and header tags for search engine spiders. There’s also a methodology to how content is written and organized for search engine ranking and user experience. Without this balance, neither content nor SEO will perform as it should. 

multi platform strategies for mobile and desktop to get more visibility and more traffic to your website

Multi-Platform Lead Generation 

Today, more people have smartphones than computers. They’re more compact and can do just as much. It’s easy to understand why mobile phones have become so important to search engines. Google acknowledged the shift years ago with “mobile first” indexing. The precise spot where you’re holding your mobile device and searching is part of the local search function on Google Maps. The results are based mostly on proximity. Even if you don’t have a physical business location, online visibility, and rankings are based more heavily on your mobile website. Of course, lead generation can come from different platforms. But this explains why Leaning Tree Marketing focuses on mobile-first, and the others second.


Nurture Lead Sources

Consider that there are many touch-points along a customer’s online journey. A well-performing website with stellar content is just the beginning or the end of that journey.  Gain new customers and maximize retention by nurturing all lead sources. For a local business, this includes Google Places for Business. For almost everyone else, it includes social media, niche industry publications, and high-value citations. There are many considerations. Even if things are working ok right now, they are guaranteed to change. (And sometimes, very quickly.) A proactive, collaborative, and open-minded approach is always the best scenario to nurture and grow a business. Consider outsourcing freelance services or hiring remote workers. In return, your flexibility can save resources, attain top talent, and bridge any gaps between you and your business goals. 

“When it comes to growth opportunity, a well-rooted tree can be incredibly flexible. Regardless of its age or stature, it’s ready to adapt at a moment’s notice; constantly reaching towards those resources that allow it to produce more abundantly.”


Ensure Website Performance

There are important SEO signals and competitive components which are missing from “do it yourself” website builders. This means that search engines are NOT getting what they need to crawl and rank your website. To get a high-performance website, most businesses gravitate towards WordPress. Its CMS, (Content Management System), is the most popular option out there. Its SEO capabilities, mobile friendliness, plugin options, and security features are outstanding. There are also advanced options for customization, user experience, and search optimization. To maximize all of the features, a WordPress website requires technical expertise, HTML coding, and maintenance beyond the initial development. 

Other website builders are a dime a dozen. (Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Because there is no coding involved, nearly anyone can build a site on these platforms. The problem is that you get what you pay for. Unless you can afford a fully customized/manually coded website, WordPress is superior to all the others. 


Outsource Online Marketing 

Marketing-related functions are outsourced as much, if not more, than other business services. In a remote working environment, there is an opportunity to outsource top-notch talent in an environment that can fluctuate based on workload. Let’s talk about achieving your business objectives. If we’re a good fit, then that’s when the magic happens! 

Services are provided in the following capacities:

  • White-label partnerships with agencies, firms, or companies who need some extra “hands on deck.” 
  • Outsourced freelance services to cross-collaborate with teams and stakeholders of an organization.
  • Nearly full-time, part-time, or contractual work is based upon the needs of your business.  
  • If we’re a great match, then full dedication to your business is a possibility.


Develop an effective website team with diversified talent.


Strategies For Any Industry

What sets your strategy apart from the next business? It’s in the details. Marketing your niche, developing a brand, and thinking outside the box helps to get past the clutter. In highly regulated industries we can expect that messaging and marketing strategies, (including SEO), will have unique challenges, limitations, and instances that require additional layers of review. (Especially in these cases, communication, and how well key members work together directly influence results.) Although each business has unique circumstances, online strategies also have many of the same moving parts. For example, all must adhere to internal and external situations such as ranking factors important to Google and other search engines.

Ultimately, the more nimble, flexible, and communicative we are, the better the outcome. Success can be achieved in any industry. The verticals I have worked with are bulleted below, in order from most extensive to least. 

  • legal
  • agencies
  • auto
  • real estate
  • home improvement
  • financial
  • medical
  • retail 
  • tourism
  • consulting
  • construction


It’s Never Too Late To Improve 

It’s not that easy to find talent that can connect the dots in an organized and effective manner. So how how does the magic happen here? Let’s start with over a decade of perfecting the art, merging a diversified set of marketing, advertising, communication, and IT skills with hands-on project management experience. Every client is unique so reaching goals looks slightly different from one to the next. I’m eager to get to know YOUR best customers, YOUR business, and especially YOUR goals.  

It’s never too late to improve your current situation. The best place to begin is with a website audit. In this process, there is little or nothing required from you. Problems are identified and solved. Opportunities are uncovered. Not to mention, a website audit is often a tax write-off. 

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