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Affordable SEO Solutions

For more than ten years, virtual & internet business practices have permitted The Leaning Tree Digital the ability to help small to mid-sized businesses who want a larger piece of qualified customer leads. Obtain affordable SEO services that are effective & can also extend far beyond the Metro-Milwaukee area.

Services are professional SEO, related to organic traffic & heavy focus on website content & other off-site platforms like GMB & social media. You don’t get stuck with prices of big agencies who have to pay overhead & multiple in-house employees.

Establish a cohesive brand, powerful niche & overall competitive advantage that focuses on big picture SEO using Google & Bing, while maximizing impressions & the many touchpoints a customer visits along their online journey

Optimization of Organic (Free) SEO strategies means that your business doesn’t have to rely 100% on paid ads to generate new business. More people chose to click on natural search results & they are typically more qualified leads.

Contact Leaning Tree Digital today to discuss SEO strategies for your business.

Leaning Tree Digital: Aggressive Impact On SEO

  • Optimize Local Business Search Results / Geo-targeted / Google Maps
  • Implement Strategic Content Strategy / Create new or “restore” old copy
  • Drive Organic Rankings / Ntl. results / Industry & service related keywords
  • Maximize Online Visibility / On-site & Off site / Customer touchpoints / Social
  • Improve Underperforming Website / Maintenance Checks / Mobile focus
  • Achieve Impactful & Integrated Digital Team / SEO / Web Developer / SEM
  • Build Expertise Authority & Trust E.A.T / Domain Authority / Reviews
  • Drive Traffic To Website / Qualified prospects / More conversions
  • Enhance All Marketing Efforts / Traditional advertising / Branding / PPC

Creative Content Marketing

The art of mixing creativity into content establishes a unique position & competitive advantage. Think outside the box. Maximize testimonials & reviews. Gain more eyeballs & interaction from your audience. In today’s virtual working environment, customers are digesting more creative content than ever. The Leaning Tree Digital understands content writing & content marketing. Develop a customized plan for an impactful content strategy; one that works for YOUR business.

With or without these creative elements, achieve stellar static content without breaking the bank:

  1. Youtube Channel & Video Optimization: (Live streaming, interviews & short videos, etc.)
  2. Podcasts & Webinars. (Encourage Q&A in virtual environment)
  3. Infographics: (Tell a visual story & make important points, etc.)
  4. Social Media & Photos: (Add a personal “human” touch & encourage conversation)
  5. Case Studies & downloads: (Build authority & share your expertise)

Get More Than Mobile-Friendly Website

The Leaning Tree Digital focuses on achieving better performing non-paid search engine results for your business. Optimal performance is technically sound, but more than a mobile-friendly website;l it’s a strategic endeavor with many moving parts. Even sites that use “SEO plugins” & lots of industry keywords – they won’t stack up to competition. The “nuts & bolts” of a website, as well as the content it has published; it all becomes outdated very quickly. 

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