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Affordable SEO Solutions

For more than ten years, virtual & internet business practices have permitted The Leaning Tree Digital the ability to help small to mid-sized businesses who want a larger piece of qualified customer leads. Obtain affordable SEO services that are effective & can also extend far beyond the Metro-Milwaukee area.

Services are professional SEO, related to organic traffic & heavy focus on website content & other off-site platforms like GMB & social media. You don’t get stuck with prices of big agencies who have to pay overhead & multiple in-house employees.

Establish a cohesive brand, powerful niche & overall competitive advantage that focuses on big picture SEO using Google & Bing, while maximizing impressions & the many touchpoints a customer visits along their online journey

Optimization of Organic (Free) SEO strategies means that your business doesn’t have to rely 100% on paid ads to generate new business. More people chose to click on natural search results & they are typically more qualified leads.

Contact Leaning Tree Digital today to discuss SEO strategies for your business.

Leaning Tree Digital: Aggressive Impact On SEO

  • Optimize Local Business Search Results / Geo-targeted / Google Maps
  • Implement Strategic Content Strategy / Create new or “restore” old copy
  • Drive Organic Rankings / Ntl. results / Industry & service related keywords
  • Maximize Online Visibility / On-site & Off site / Customer touchpoints / Social
  • Improve Underperforming Website / Maintenance Checks / Mobile focus
  • Achieve Impactful & Integrated Digital Team / SEO / Web Developer / SEM
  • Build Expertise Authority & Trust E.A.T / Domain Authority / Reviews
  • Drive Traffic To Website / Qualified prospects / More conversions
  • Enhance All Marketing Efforts / Traditional advertising / Branding / PPC

Creative Content Marketing

The Leaning Tree Digital offers creative talent to take SEO content writing & content marketing to new heights. This is important – in today’s virtual working environment, customers are digesting more creative content than ever before. Cisco and other trusted global companies project that the majority of internet traffic will soon be in the form of videos. Visual, interactive, social, mobile, etc. Let’s create an impactful, easy to digest, SEO-friendly content strategy – one that works for YOUR business!

Creative content practices that don’t require large investment:

  1. Video: (Live Streaming, Branding, Interviews, Testimonials)
  2. Podcasts & Webinars. (Q&A, Educate Audience, Showcase Products & Services)
  3. Infographics: (Tell a Visual story & Make important Points)
  4. Social Media: (Encourage engagement & Support website/branding)
  5. Case Studies, Research & Tools: (Build Authority, Share Expertise, etc.)
  6. Photography: (Eye-Catching Photos Engage Readers & Support Page Topic)

Get More Than Mobile-Friendly Website

The Leaning Tree Digital focuses on achieving better performing non-paid search engine results for your business. Optimal performance is technically sound, but more than a mobile-friendly website;l it’s a strategic endeavor with many moving parts. Even sites that use “SEO plugins” & lots of industry keywords – they won’t stack up to competition. The “nuts & bolts” of a website, as well as the content it has published; it all becomes outdated very quickly. 

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