Month: May 2022

Location Landing Page for Service-Related Multiple Location Business

Location landing page, local seo, and search engine results on Google Maps help from a digital strategist with experience. Find out which freelancers are available to hire for your SEO needs.

Is it a location page? YES! Is it a landing page? YES! Leaning Tree Marketing often finds businesses with multiple locations not performing as well as they could in local search results. At first glance, many of these businesses, such as law firms, insurance agencies, financial planners, and home improvement services appear to have decent …

Top Search Engines For Your Business

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There are strategies to ensure that you get excellent visibility on the internet. Search engines are necessary to achieve all of those goals. Google started in 1996. Since then, search engines have been the driving force behind gaining an edge in a competitive marketplace. Although the Google giant owns the majority of search volume, the …