Affordable SEO Solutions

It’s not that easy to find SEO services that provide a good balance of experience and affordability. So, how does The Leaning Tree Digital make this happen? Let’s start with over a decade of perfecting the art; merging a diversified set of marketing and IT skills. When you work with The Leaning Tree Digital, you’ll gain access to a powerhouse of SEO services that focus on the “free” organic search results. Each client relationship begins with a needs analysis and audit. A step-by-step plan is presented to demonstrate short-term “quick wins,” and longer-term more competitive goals. You can decide how far you want to go. The best part is the truly affordable SEO solutions that can fit nearly any small business budget. Choose to make the Leaning Tree your sole SEO project lead or as an intigral part of your existing team. Build your digital team. In either capacity; gain access to top-notch services to appear higher in search engine results. The Leaning Tree Digital is your source for SEO solutions that are affordable, flexible, and proven.

Search optimization, (SEO), is a multi-faceted endeavor including both on-site and off-site tactics. Combined, all efforts aims to improve how your website or Google Business Profile appears in search results pages. The higher your business is listed, the bigger the impact will be.

Establish a cohesive brand, powerful niche & overall competitive advantage. SEO should maximize impressions, build traffic, and turn clicks into clients. Done correctly, it will address many touchpoints a customer visits along their online journey

Optimization of Organic (Free) is the ultimate goal of SEO. More people chose to click on natural search results & these visitors are typically more qualified leads as well. It’s good to know that your business doesn’t have to rely on paid ads to generate new business.

Servicing the Metro-Milwaukee Wisconsin area & far beyond (of course!)

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Achieve Your Online Visibility Goals

To be seen and pursued by your target audience, isn’t that what every business desires? Search engine results are the biggest way to achieve this goal. Because a website can quickly become outdated, inoperable, or irrelevant, it must #1 be setup correctly and #2 maintenanced. The misconception is that a web developer is an SEO expert. If you didn’t have an SEO working on the launch of your new website, it is not likely going to be optimized for SEO. (A simple Yoast plugin isn’t the answer either.) What’s your next step? Team up The Leaning Tree with your developer to achieve more ambitious goals. Or, if you’re an agency who needs some extra “hands-on-deck,” let’s talk about a white label partnership.

How To Get Organic Search Results

Organic search results on Google or Bing are free and natural. (non-paid) They can reach the largest array of important search terms for your business which is why they are considered the biggest lead generator. Done correctly, organic results can literally improve every aspect of your online digital strategy. So how do you get them? To achieve organic results, one must first have a technically sound website. Once addressed, the focus then shifts to website content. Content is KING! Because search engines want to provide the best answers and direct solutions to every search query, your content must align with what people are searching for. Google loves content that is fresh and engaging. We’re talking about static content on your website pages, posts on local business profiles, featured articles, blog posts, and more. There’s a lot that goes into an organic strategy. Yet, there is not a content management system, plugin or software that handles every technical detail or content need. To achieve the best longest-lasting organic search results, seek the help of a digital marketer like Leaning Tree Digital.  

Search Engine Optimization Broken Down By Type

Now that we have covered the importance of organic search results, it’s time to to break down the different types of SEO. There are four (4) main types, and they often get confused. Below, I list them in order of importance.

  • Technical SEO
  • Content
  • On-Page Content SEO
  • Off-Site SEO

It’s equally important to achieve a search engine-friendly website as it is a user-friendly one. For both to function at an optimal level, certain things will need to be addressed on a regular basis. This is why so many SEO professionals offer on-going maintenance or content focused services to optimize each type of search engine optimization.

SEO Turns Clicks Into Clients

If you’re running a business, search engine optimization will be too mulit-faceted and time-intensive to do on your own. Consider outsourcing SEO. More than ever, top-notch professionals offer their servcies from a convenient remote location. Look for highly skilled professionals who are trustworthy, experienced, and flexible to your needs. The Leaning Tree Digital is your source for SEO, content writing, and the management of many related services. Easily integrate into your current situation to drive traffic and turn clicks into clients. SEO strategies implemented follow Google’s Best Practices guidelines.