About Leaning Tree

SEO Consultant

Since December 2009, The Leaning Tree has been consulting a variety of businesses in Metro-Milwaukee on how to make their brand and products more visible.  In the beginning, the vision was to provide creative, personalized marketing solutions directly aligned with the business goals of each client.  

Over the years, this client-centered focus has not changed. 

What has changed is the merging of IT,  Developer & Marketing functions. Search engine optimization, thanks to the rise of Google, has become a key area of focus.  Mobile Search and Organic / Local SEO directly impact business success. An internet brand must be strong and the online visibility of that brand… very clear. The new norm involves reaching & connecting with an expansive yet segregated digital audience while adhering to the quickly changing technical environment. This is where your digital marketing strategist becomes a key player in the success of your business. 

Digital Marketing Strategist

A digital strategist commonly works as an SEO consultant but can also wear many professional hats and handle other aspects of website optimization.  Most digital strategists can write and read basic coding but are not themselves website developers. However, by leveraging the best SEO tools & training; this person is able to successfully lead, or is integrated into the execution, effectiveness & efficiency of all other internet decisions that can impact a business.

Ultimately, driving a healthy stream of (free organic) traffic to your website is key. Once visitors are on your site, the goal is to convert them to a client or customer before leaving. Therefore, organic and/or local organic search engine optimization of a business website are likely top priority no matter what type of business you may have.

Integral Part of a Digital Team

It takes a team to move mountains and it takes a team to ensure your business website is a top-performer. Often times, a digital strategist is an integral part of a larger digital team consisting of:

    • Website Developers
    • Pay Per Click
    • IT & Networking
    • Marketing

If you don’t have staff currently, then The Leaning Tree can help  build a digital team that is  knowledgeable & collaborative.  Ideally, each member of a digital team should be familiar with all areas of SEO, yet offer different areas of expertise.

I prioritize client websites over my own. My nature is straightforward, detailed, honest and organized. Most of my business comes from referrals and I work with businesses of all types. At the same time, clients of past and present would attest to trustworthy, flexible & dependable professional services. Furthermore, I have a ten-year history established with a small number of clients in the MIlwaukee, Wisconsin marketplace. Other clients are national & shorter term by contract.

The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing offers internet based services pertaining to a business website and it’s online performance. Processes include identifying opportunities, performing competitive analysis, obtaining extensive keyword research & implementing customized SEO strategies. Multi-faceted & complex online strategies are aligned to work towards accomplishing search engine optimization goals for your business website. Here are some generalized examples of website related services offered from The Leaning Tree:

    • Proficient, creative & effective at developing  high-performance content such as static web pages & business blogs
    • Advanced freelance writing for the the legal industry
    • High performing organic & local SEO Functions
    • Work with WordPress CMS
    • Website Audits & Evaluations
    • Writing for SEO
    • Internet Branding

Freelance SEO Consultant

Even when the Leaning Tree Digital works solo for small businesses, there is more than a single set of knowledge and experience to tap into. (You don’t need to be an expert in everything!) The added value of resources, outside networks and industry standard software maximize the value of what is brought to the table. I have these tools and I’m familiar with how to use them for your benefit.

Organic search optimization for your business is the name of the game, and we all know that Google Search is King!  However, I also take advantage of opportunities that may exist in other areas such as Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com.

What Next?

Typically a website audit is the first task to complete. An audit will  expose  any potential problems & identify untapped opportunities.  Once we have agreed to work together; add my services, expertise and accountability to encourage everyone to work together. (Web Developers, Pay-Per-Click, IT & Marketing) Encouraging everyone to work together will create a more cohesive, efficient & effective digital team for your business.

michelle bobzien, m bobzien, leaning tree marketing“Always driven to stay on top of the changing digital horizon & to ensure that organic SEO strategies provide the results clients are looking for.” 

“I am a one-lady show with experience, resources and networks; a small investment with high return. Organic SEO, content optimization and copywriting are my specialties. How and where do I fit on your team?!”

Michelle Bobzien, Digital Strategist & Owner of The Leaning Tree Marketing