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Michelle Bobzien


 marketing strategist content strategist seo strategist freelancer consultant to outsource digital content and SEO services located in Wisconsin

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“Over a decade ago IT, Web development, Copywriting, and Marketing functions merged into SEO. I was there, and eager to ride that wave. That journey continues to the current day. I attribute my success to treating clients as if they were my own business. As a result, I have many success stories and client relationships of trust and dedication. Because the digital environment continuously evolves, so do I. I love that. As a result, I have more to offer any team who is looking for SEO and marketing experience.” 

“Whether I’m editing/auditing websites, or creating a content strategy that incorporates organic SEO, I have the ability to effectively manage marketing projects that get results.”

Professional Bio

Leaning Tree Digital Marketing

Leaning Tree Marketing was been built upon developing and managing strategies that achieve the unique goals of each business. Early on, a program was established to address and improve online reputation. Digital marketing became the primary focus area of growth for myself and my clients. Soon after, search engine optimization was all the chatter. I emerged myself into it and haven’t looked back. Largely, success has come from a continuous process of learning and adapting.

For the past decade, I have successfully performed in a multi-disciplinary environment. To “connect all the dots,” it’s helpful to see the big picture while effectively managing and optimizing the smaller moving parts.

    • 10+ years as an independent consultant
    • perform in a multi-disciplinary environment
    • client-facing in a remote environment
    • online marketing strategies
    • search engine optimization
    • omnichannel projects
    • content optimization
    • project management
    • copywriting

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  • While working full-time, and raising a family as a military spouse, I earned an Associates Degree in Business Management,(1998), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing,(2001). Most recently, I have been building my repertoire in HTML coding and AI tools. Never stop learning!



  • Prior to the current role, I was occupied in Marketing, Media Buying, and Advertising. Client-facing and team-building, I worked for privately owned businesses, corporations, and agencies alike. Work almost always involved strategies that connected products and services to potential buyers.



  • Effectively managing marketing campaigns, networking, and overall confidence in my abilities are some of the factors that played into this career move. Most importantly, I realized that it was much more satisfying to cater to the needs of each client vs big sales objectives.  Leaning Tree Marketing was established in December 2009. Although services and technology change, this client-centered focus remains strong today.



  • The shift from media to online reputation and SEO was a clear choice. It was a natural progression to satisfy my inquisitive self. Not only was there a demand for it, but I was also very intrigued and motivated by it. Just a few years after Leaning Tree Marketing launched, I started offering website services. Simultaneously, clients required help with managing social media and online reputation. I jumped in head-first and have loved every minute.



  • The writing process was necessary to complete digital content for landing pages, product pages, blogs, emails, etc. Pretty quickly, I found myself enamored with the process of writing and editing. It’s creative, purposeful, and impactful. Over the last decade, I have written hundreds of successful website pages, thousands of business blogs, and countless social media posts for clients. I edit and improve previously published content. I also help agencies by preparing keyword research, content audits, and writing guidelines/outlines for copywriters. This helps to ensure that SEO is incorporated into the writing process. (Click here for brief writing & content strategy examples.)



  • A positive user experience IS “the content.” (Landing pages, videos, images, infographics, social posts, ads, blogs, etc.) It’s also been ingrained into nearly every Google ranking factor. Therefore, merging writing with SEO tactics made good common sense. My work as a content strategist is a specialized discipline. Goals are reached through positioning, link strategies, keywords, and other advanced techniques that ensure content can be found by search engines. (The secret sauce.) AI tools for both writing and SEO are being experimented with. The word is spreading. Companies across the globe are creating positions for this important data-driven yet creative niche.



  • Every marketing strategy has its own formulation. (Keeps things interesting!) In this scope, I’ve become an excellent project manager, handling everything from planning to procurement, and execution. I keep things organized, and the cross-collaboration team on track. I’ve contributed to immensely helpful audits, data interpretations, and solutions that support marketing campaigns, website improvements, and branding strategies that drive traffic. (Strategy decks available upon request.)


Website Strategies For Online Success

When it comes to marketing strategies for online success, the foundation is a website. From there, everything either works together or against each other.  This is precisely why the ability to see the big picture is so important. The processes of auditing, analyzing, and collaborating within cross-functional teams will ultimately expose layers of opportunity.  Those things that can make an impact in a short period are referred to as “low-hanging fruit.” (Those are great finds!) From simple discoveries to the complex, I help to develop, prioritize, implement, improve, and update websites. Marketing strategies influence and connect with readers, encourage search engine results for key terms, and generate more qualified leads to a website. I’m methodical and manage projects with a great amount of enthusiasm.

  • Create kick-butt content strategies with amazing insight and ideas that are cutting edge.
  • Optimize business websites and publish page content – it’s where I spend the majority of my time.
  • Nurture and grow “organic” lead generation. (Non-paid search engine results.)
  • Develop strategies, follow Google Best Practices, and directly partake in action plans.
  • Actively do copywriting and editing for brand exposure far beyond a business website.
  • Making decisions based on metrics data AND creative thinking has been key to my success.


Have trouble “making the needle move?” Possibly, a strategy is needed. Or, something is missing, overlooked, or just plain done incorrectly.

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It’s My Wheelhouse!

As you can see, it’s equally as important to get found by search engines as it is to resonate and influence an audience with content. My work equates to a master “dot-connector.” Across every digital platform, and from idea to implementation. Content is a part of nearly every algorithm ranking factor and is ingrained into nearly everything I do. It’s my wheelhouse! I live and breathe this stuff. In addition:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset that is resilient, resourceful, and solutions-oriented
  • Organized with the proven ability to prioritize and multitask
  • A natural self-starter motivated by defining targets and reaching goals
  • Excellent communicator who stays on top of current trends
  • Data analyzer to a storyteller with a brand and customer goal focus
  • Dependable and motivated to meet hard deadlines
  • Transparent and goal-oriented to motivate and move teams

Leaning Tree Digital Marketing specializes in strategies that focus on Content Services and SEO Services.


Good Steward Of Money And Time

You trust people to be good stewards of money and time. I get that. Totally. As part of your remote workforce, you CAN trust that The Leaning Tree Marketing will have your best interest at hand. Every business is treated with respect. Collaboration, transparency, and dependability are important components of my work ethic. Creative. Technical. Organized. Impactful. Across a variety of industries. In any competitive marketplace. Digital team lead or team player. I got your back.


A Typical Day

I love paying off bills, checking “to-do” boxes, meeting goals, and being appreciated for what I do. I find that “Temple Spice Chai” from Fava Tea Company, exercise, family, pets, and the desire to please are key motivators. (Not to mention, I love sweets!) I’m also a planner. The workspace must be tidy and mind keenly focused on the goals for that day. Plans prioritize client projects and allow a life/work balance that is sustainable and effective. Of course, one thing we can all count on is change. (No two days are exactly the same.) So, I have come to expect the unexpected and roll with it. Staying on top of digital and technology trends is challenging for everyone involved. There’s always something to learn. (Exciting!) Typically, I’ll start each day in that headspace. Collaborating with team members is as important and rewarding as independent work. When people come together to achieve one common goal, that’s when the magic happens!


Communicating Authentically In A Virtual Space

Most business functions, including meetings, are conducted in a remote office environment. This includes the use of digital tools such as video conferencing, text messaging, emails, and team collaboration software. Although virtual communication is preferred, all attempts are made to be as flexible as possible to your business needs. The most important goal is to communicate openly, transparently, and authentically between team members. Let’s discuss the project at hand. At the tail end of that conversation, we will determine the best communication channels to get the job done. After all, Leaning Tree Marketing is all about making clients successful!


“When the right people are in place, and problems are resolved, search results and overall online visibility improve over time.”