Build Your Digital Team

Feel like your business isn’t picking up after a new website design? Forced to downsize but still need to grow? Want to see your business come up more oftern in search engines like Google or Bing? Are paid ads increasing in cost without increasing results? Do you have website traffic, but it’s not generating new business? It may be that you’re missing an (SEO), search engine optimization person on your team. Contact Leaning Tree Digital for SEO help.

SEO Is An Important Part Of Your Team

SEO is important because it makes your website and business brand more visibile to search engines like Google and Bing. It is the primary source of organic, (free and natural), traffic to your website. It builds trust and authority within the content, as well as the website itself. It provides a better user experience, (UX), which in turn results in more conversions from traffic, to customers. SEO has both on-site and off-site elements, depending upon your situation. For example, if you have a brick and mortar business, Google Business Profiles, and other off-site points are involved. 

After hiring a solid digital strategist for SEO, half of the battle is won. Yet, online visibilty and search optimization is complicated and multi-faceted. It requires a team of diversified skillsets who are specialized in certain areas, but have a general knowledge regarding what the other members are doing. When members of your team are contracted, freelancing, or permanent remote workers; open communication and collaboration is even more important.  The Leaning Tree Digital is not only versed in all areas of SEO but can also be an integral part of your digital team and the collaboration process.

What A Digital Team Consists Of

When it comes to understanding how to build your digital team for online success, start with learning abut the roles of each member. Look for people with diversified skillsets that cover all of the important areas. When your team is in place, they should work together, complement efforts, and ultimately help your business succeed in reaching it’s goals.     

  • Digital SEO Strategist: For improved organic search performance,(SEO), to rank higher in search engine results pages, (SERPS), and to achieve a better user experience, a digital marketing SEO strategiest is necessary. Ideally, this person should be involved in the process of building a new website. However, SEO can be implimented at any time to improve website performance and user experience. This role increasingly addresses content and branding, but the main focus is on the “back-end” of your website. (And some “off-site signals for local business.) To keep up with Google’s algorithm updates and the overall multi-faceted and complex environment of search optimization, this role is often a long-term endeavor. See examples of SEO services offered by The Leaning Tree Digital.
  • Website Developer: Too often, business owners confuse web developers as people who can achieve long-term results. In actuality, it is just the first step. A developer covers the nuts and bolts of a website. Their focus is the “user interface” of a website. Their design process is what you and your visitors will see in the “front-end” when the URL is typed in. Contrary to what some may claim, developers are not specialized in the “back-end” functions of a website that involve search engine optimization. Shortly after a new website is launched, most developers move on.
  • Paid Advertising SEM: In the modern digital world it is nearly impossible to find success using only one method of lead generation. The same rings true for PPC. It is especially important for AdWords and Organic SEO to work in tandem. Studies have found that when a website has strong organic SERP’s, the click-through rate for PPC will increase. Without a solid organic strategy in place paid advertising will empty pockets. There is a place for paid advertising- done right. Look for a person dedicated and experienced specifically in PPC.    

Small Business SEO Solutions 

Building a diversified group of talent that is both knowledgeable and collaborative is a necessary goal. It is also attainable. Gaining access to credible SEO services is important to every business, no matter the size. For a small businesses who has fewer resources, Leaning Tree Digital provides affordable SEO that works. The fact that you are hiring a freelancer or remote worker doesn’t mean that you forego the talent. It simply means they have little to no overhead, headcount, or advertsiing costs. This is how the savings is forwarded on to you. This is a game-changer! With The Leaning Tree, you can expect customized solutions that stay within your budget, align with your goals, and fit within time constraints. Whether you hire The Leaning Tree as “stand-alone” SEO freelancer, or as part of a larger remote team- you’re investing in a transparent, knowledgeable and trustworthy marketing parnter. 


“Ultimately It Comes Down To Trust”

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You’re trusting people to be good stewards of your money and your time. Utlimately, it comes down to who you can trust. As part of your SEO team, you CAN trust that The Leaning Tree will have your best interest at hand. Every business is treated with honor and respect. Collaboration, transparency and dependability are key components of my work. Creative. Technical. Organized. Impactful. Across a variety of industries. In any competitive marketplace. Digital team lead or team player.  The Leaning Tree Digital has you covered.