Build Your Digital Team

Invest In A Diversified Skillset

Have you been forced to downsize or move an office to a remote location? Need experienced SEO people to improve your digital efforts? When it’s time to build your digital team, have a strategy in mind. Invest in a diversified skillset; find people and talents that will compliment each other. For example, you may have a website developer that has the nuts and bolts of your website covered. But because developers are not specialized in SEO, you’ll need at least one qualified team player that can collaborate with your developer to achieve this goal. Another scenario may be that your paid ad campaigns are increasing in cost but still not producing the results that you’re looking for. It may be that there was not a solid organic SEO foundation prior to beginning a paid campaign. In other cases, your paid ads and local or organic search optimization are are not in sync. The collaboration between you’re SEO person, web developer, PPC manager and other marketing or IT personal is essential. The Leaning Tree Digital is not only versed in all areas of SEO, but can also be an integral part of the collaboration process. 

Michelle Bobzien Digital Strategist

Michelle Bobzien of The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing offers digital services in the follow capacities:

  • Digital marketing project manager
  • White-label partner for agencies
  • Integrate with existing team
  • Solo digital expert for small business
  • Team Player for larger business

Digital Services That Focus On You

Since December of 2009, Michelle Bobzien of “The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing,” has worked with a large variety of businesses in the Metro-Milwaukee area and beyond. The world is more online-savvy & mobile-centric than ever! Yet, the goal has always been to create and impliment personalized marketing solutions which are directly aligned with the business goals of each client. Although IT, Web Developer and Marketing functions have merged over the years, this client-centered focus has not changed. 

See examples of SEO services offered by The Leaning Tree Digital.

Digital Marketing Generates Leads

In a general sense, your digital marketing partners are responsible for using the internet to generat leads. Various digital platforms and listings are involved here, but your business website is the main component. To make this a successful endeavor, there is a considerable amount of analysis and research involved. There are tests, trials, and performance indicators. It is up to your digital marketing partner to prioritize, come up with a strategy, relay that information, present, impliment and measure the results. Consider how your current team, business or agency could benefit from The Leaning Tree as a digital as a marketing partner.

Small Business SEO Solution 

Building a diversified group of talent that is both knowledgeable and collaborative is a great goal to have. Yet, it may be challenging for small businesses who have significantly fewer resources. Having access to credible SEO services is important to every business, no matter the size. The fact that you are hiring a freelancer means they have no overhead, headcount, or advertsiing costs. Now you have access to professional SEO services at a more affordable rate. This is a game-changer! With The Leaning Tree, you can expect customized solutions that stay within your budget, align with your goals, and fit within your timing. Whether you hire The Leaning Tree as “stand-alone” SEO freelancer, or as part of a larger team- you’re investing in a transparent, knowledgeable and trustworthy marketing parnter. 

“Ultimately It Comes Down To Trust”

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You’re trusting people to be good stewards of your money and your time. Utlimately, it comes down to who you can trust. As part of your SEO team, you CAN trust that The Leaning Tree will have your best interest at hand. Every business is treated with honor and respect. Collaboration, transparency and dependability are key components of my work. Creative. Technical. Organized. Impactful. Across a variety of industries. In any competitive marketplace. Digital team lead or team player.  The Leaning Tree Digital has you covered.