Build Your Digital Team

Have you been forced to downsize employees? Need to establish a fresh digital footprint? Wish to build a digital team of your own? The Leaning Tree can be an integral part of that process. The goal should be to build a diversified group of talent that is both knowledgeable & collaborative. Ideally, each member of a digital team should be familiar with all areas of SEO, yet offer different areas of expertise. Bring together valuable skills and experience while ensuring that everyone works together in a collaborative and cohesive manner. Whether you hire The Leaning Tree Digital as an idependent or part of an existing team- you’re investing in a transparent, knowledgeable and trustworthy marketing parnter. These attributres are not easy to find.

The Leaning Tree Digital offers digital services in the follow capacities:

  • Digital marketing project manager
  • White-label partner for larger agencies
  • Integrated player within existing team
  • Solo digital expert for smaller businesses

“Ultimately, it comes down to who you can trust…”

Contact The Leaning Tree Digital to build your dream team.

Client-Centered Digital Services 

Since 2010, Michelle Bobzien of “The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing,” has worked with a large variety of businesses in the Metro-Milwaukee area and beyond. The goal has always been to create and impliment personalized marketing solutions which are directly aligned with your business goals.  Although IT, Web Developer and Marketing functions have merged over the years, this client-centered focus has not changed. 

The Best Online Results

Of course The Leaning Tree Digital has the ability to tackle online projects big and small- and across industries. A diversified skillset, creativity, and use of data intelligence really packs a big punch! (Espeically true for a small business or larger agency.) In a super competitive industry or marketplace, a small team of professionals may be necessary. Collaborative work between The Leaning Tree, PPC, and website developer traditionally provide the best online results. And without collaboration, all efforts will fall short of expectations.

Digital Marketing Partner

In a general sense, your digital marketing partner is responsible for generating qualified leads via traffic to your website. This includes brand awareness, and lead generation through various digital channels. To make this a successful endeavor, there is a considerable amount of analysis and research involved. There are tests, trials, and performance indicators. There may be website maintenance and content SEO. It is up to your digital marketing partner to collaborate, prioritize, advise, impliment and measure. Consider how your current team, business or agency may benefit from The Leaning Tree as a digital marketing partner.

Achieving SEO Goals

To accomplish high search engine optimization goals for your business, there must be a skillset to match. Here are some examples of services offered by The Leaning Tree Digital:

  • High-performance content such as new or revived web pages
  • Google, Amazon & Bing SEO
  • Competitive evaluation & niche positioning
  • Website audits
  • Technical maintenance
  • Local search including management of GMB listing
  • Organic SEO functions such as on-page & link building
  • Branding message
  • Reviews & Industry directories
  • Multimedia such as basic video & photo
  • Social Media development & copywriting
  • Rank tracking & performance indicators using analytics
  • Digital Team Lead or Team Player

Find the perfect mix of creative and technical skill sets that are a proven and affordable asset.