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Search engine optimization, (SEO), is super important to business. So, who wouldn’t want to befriend the giant search engine in Google? Those of us looking to keep up with algorithm updates and wish get on Google’s good side actually have a plethora of resources and tools to tap into.

Google Can Help

Ad agencies have one-on-one access to real Google employees who can help with visibility and performance. There is assistance for local SEO questions regarding Google Business Profiles. Also, Google provides a ton of information online through forums, blogs, newsletters, training, insights, etc. There are great people to follow for regular advice, such as John Meuller, Danny Sullivan and Nathan Johns. (As of 2022) These people regularly tweet, write, or can be connected with in Hangouts or webinars. With all the support and guidance offered by Google, they are like a friend and mentor…there to ensure you are successful using their products.

Google Tools & Resources

Google My Business:  This is where your business can manage your online presence across Google Search & Google Maps
Google Education at Google Partners: One-on-one for Google advice, and this is not a paid service or a privileged service.

Google Partners, (now Google Ads), Academy on Livestreams: Ask questions and share experiences with Google experts & other professionals.

Academy for Ads for Google’s e-learning: Google’s e-learning courses, exams and certifications.

Think with Google: Provides market insights & trends for just about anything.

Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics: Webmaster tools allow one to evaluate & maintain the performance of a website regarding search results. To see how users/visitors interact with your website, use Google Analytics.

Google Accounts & GSuite Learning Center: This refers to a variety of application tools to support & connect your business either by individual sign-in or administered through an organization.

Google Blogs: Again, these are all free! Check out Googles Blog, as well as the Webmaster Central Blog &  the Google Research Blog.

We All Have Friends At Google

Google has grown from a tech startup into a global behemoth. They have invested into people, and they have a strategy. Nonetheless, we all have friends at Google. All you have to know is where to go for answers. Most business owners don’t have the time that is necessary to do great search engine optimization. Many don’t have the financial ability to invest into a large SEO agency with over-head costs.

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