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hire freelancer for website content, copywriting and SEO to get better search engine results on Google

COVID-19 was a great reminder about how important people are, and the value of working together to solve problems. Teams that are on the same page, sharing common goals and aspirations… just get more done. We also know that a strong team is made up of people who have each other’s backs. Qualified and talented people are an investment that can pay off big. Given the current outsourcing statistics, it’s something every business should consider. How does this work for a business that needs help with its website, but has to increase profit and cut costs at the same time? The benefits of hiring a full or partially remote team are that it CAN increase profits and cut costs. Qualified and experienced freelancers and consultants are some of the best talents out there.

Build your digital team with confidence. Leaning Tree Marketing can get you on the right track.


Build Your Web Team: A Talent Acquisition Strategy

We can agree that the success of your website starts with hiring professional people who have your best interests at hand and the experience to get the job done. The status quo about where to find the talent required to build a new website has changed over the years, especially post-COVID-19. Today, outsourcing talent has become far more accepted and common practice. When it makes sense, it works. Because most websites are managed on cloud-based platforms, the development, optimization, and maintenance of a website are commonly outsourced services. Businesses save on the overhead costs that come with in-house employees, as well as insurance and other benefits. Contracting skilled workers often means that websites are up and running more quickly, and more effectively. You decide how integrated contractors are within the business, and how long they stay…based on performance. When you’re ready to build your website team, ensure that you have a pool of talent to choose from. The more choices that you have, the more likely the more likely that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Below there are (3) of the most essential remote positions to fill.

#1 Content SEO Strategist

To ensure optimization according to Google’s best practices,  a content strategist and SEO professional are necessary. This person will do everything that involves the writing, structuring, and optimization of website content. Regarding SEO, they ensure that the website remains technically sound so that it can be crawled and indexed by search engines. In addition, they provide “checks and balances” to other key players. For example, they’re a great resource to ensure that paid ads don’t conflict with Organic SEO efforts. They have useful insight to collaborate on landing pages, keyword research, and branding requirements. In some cases, they work alongside developers to ensure smooth transitions and user experience. This is a big job and one that Michelle at Leaning Tree Digital can relate to.

  • Rank higher in search engine results pages
  • Achieve a better user experience, (UX)
  • Satisfy user intent in Google Search
  • Build connections with your audience
  • Support branding efforts
  • Project management
  • Agile Website Updates
  • Checks and Balances


#2 Website Developer

Many business owners expect this role to achieve long-term search engine results. This is simply not true. Finding a good developer to build the nuts and bolts of a website IS VERY important. But, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. For smaller projects, the web developer and web designer are one and the same. For large-scale projects, they may be two different people. Both disciplines should be capable of writing and reading HTML code.

  • Focus on the user interface of a website, (UI)
  • Implement the nuts and bolts of a website
  • Ensure security measures, advanced coding, and software systems
  • Oversee the website design process, (the look, feel, and design of the site)


#3 Paid Advertising SEM Specialist

Ads are increasingly found in search results, above, below, and beside organic search results. Studies have found that when a website has strong organic SERPs, the click-through rate for PPC will increase. A larger more competitive business will find the most success using both organic and paid methods of lead generation.


  • Dedicate to paid advertising goals that target potential customers
  • Google AdWords, Pay-Per-Click, Services Ads, product listing ads, etc.
  • Perform A/B testing on ad copy
  • Create landing pages for PPC Campaigns
  • Work in tandem with all other digital efforts


Hire Freelancer To Work On Website

A website is an important focal point to improve search results, branding, and overall online visibility. The roles listed above are the people who can address such issues. When you find the right people, they make YOU look good. Why would you settle for any less? As an employer flexible to hiring freelancers, you suddenly have access to a much LARGER pool of talent. No problem is too big or too small. Build your remote dream team with new confidence. When we’re all in our places, we work together to make the needle move. The sky is the limit!

-Improve search engine results-Organize and update content

-Help businesses pick up after a new website design

-Gain more website traffic (and more qualified)

-Improve the efficiency of Paid Ads

-Develop a Content SEO strategy

-Launch a plan of action

-Continue to grow, even if you’ve had to downsize


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