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Who you decide to hire for SEO is a big decision for your business.  Make sure you hire an SEO consultant who has a good understanding of your business, as well as best practices SEO strategies.  The Leaning Tree Digital has the qualities and experience to take your SEO to the next level.  In the beginning, we’ll need to spend a little time together so that I can learn about your business and your vision.  At the same time, I can share with you a little bit more about my business.  Ultimately,  you decide if we are a good fit.   When you’re  ready The Leaning Tree Digital contact information is below:

Contact:  Michelle Bobzien, Digital Strategist & Owner

phone:  414-322-8859

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The Leaning Tree Digital is located in the Metro-Milwaukee, Wisconsin market but serves clients all over the United States. This is not a location-based business as clients do not come to my physical location.  However, local clients benefit from convenient meetings at their storefronts or business offices.  In other cases, business is conducted over the phone, email, or online. 

Working Within Your Budget & Timeframe

If you wish to improve online visibility & SEO, but don’t  have the budget to do it all at once, The Leaning Tree Digital establishes a custom strategy that fits within company limitations, but is still able to accomplish highest priority items on the front end.

If you are a web-based business, achieving a solid domain authority and maximizing organic traffic is going to be a top priority.  Steer clear of SEO companies who promise rank placement, it’s simply not possible to make such a guarantee.  The truth is that organic placement is earned.  Some clients have immediate results, and others see more results over time.

If you are a business with one or more physical locations where you invite clients or customers; you’ll be most interested in achieving local organic search engine results.  (Google Local Pack, Google Maps, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, etc.) Local search results will require more…on top of the best practice strategies recommended to improve organic traffic. (Development of location landing pages, Google My Business & citation building, etc.)

In either case, your results will vary on a large number of factors, including how competitive your industry is.  In either case, SEO is a big job and takes a team to do it effectively & efficiently.

How To Communicate With The Leaning Tree Digital

The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing is a consultant-based business who handles the majority of client business online.   The internet makes handling business more convenient for the customer most of the time.  However, The Leaning Tree is a savvy business that takes the time to consider all areas of communication to ensure clients receive the best service available.

The Leaning Tree Digital follows Google best practice SEO strategies & offers customized strategic plans.

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