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Whether you’re a local business, the owner of a business website, or an agency; who you decide to hire is an important decision. As part of your remote workforce, The Leaning Tree is transparent, dependable, affordable, and experienced. Understanding that lead generation ultimately comes from search engine optimization and that it’s a multi-faceted endeavor. How that picture looks for you may be different than the last guy, or the next guy. This is why services are proposed based on the needs of each business. (Reaching your business goals within your resources and unique situations.) Let’s start a conversation about how this works. Simply fill out the contact info form below.  

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    Michelle Bobzien, SEO & Content Strategist at Leaning Tree Digital Marketing

    Since December of 2009, Michelle Bobzien of “The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing,” has worked with a large variety of businesses in the Metro-Milwaukee area and beyond. The world is more online-savvy & mobile-centric than ever! Yet, the goal has always been to create and impliment personalized marketing solutions which are directly aligned with the business goals of each client. Although IT, Web Developer and Marketing functions have merged over the years, this client-centered focus has not changed. 

    Virtually All A Remote Environment

    Most business meetings are conducted in a remote office environment. Although virtual communication is preferred, Leaning Tree Digital attempts to be as flexible as possible to your business needs. Let’s discuss the project at hand. At the tail end of that conversation we will determine the best communication channels. After all, Leaning Tree Digital Marketing is all about making clients successful!

    Work ethic is professional, transparent and dependable.