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mobile content for mobile phone ranking in google search results

According to Statistica’s recent mobile search data, “mobile devices account for more than 63% of organic search engine visits.” There’s no denying it- local business must understand the importance of ranking high on mobile search. But we’re not talking about paid ads here- we’re talking about the “free” organic search results. There are several strategies you can impliment to get your share of Local SEO on mobile. Your first stop is to understand the basics about local search.

Local Search Is Geo Targeted Results

Local organic searches focus on the  geographic area in which the search is being conducted. (Proximity/distance factor) the results that appear in local search will vary depending upon the mobile location of where the search is conducted from. The businesses within that area that have a Google Business Profile will have an advantage. Make sure when your business is found that it has pertinent contact information as a prominent feature.

Mobile First Content  

Mobile content is good content, and that much will never change. It is proven that quality content is needed on mobile as much as it is needed on desktop. Mobile sites may display content differently but mobile-first indexing has not changed the overall purpose of for creating content that aligns with more searches- matching what people are looking for. Optimizing local content is still one of the best ways to boost your visibility and achieve better rankings in local search results on mobile.

Organic Search Results For Mobile

Organic search engine results are critical to any growning business. Aim to have superior performance and user experience on mobile first. (UX Core Web vitals) On your website,mix in local keywords. Relevant pages should have location related keywords in the meta-data. (Title Tags/Meta Descriptions.) Another way to obtain organic search results for content is to write blogs that have “long-tail keywords.” Long-tail keywords will align more with how real people search for things online.

Find Your Niche

Through content, you can make your business a knowledgeable and trusted source; a leader in your local community, and within your industry. Publish your great content strategically on different channels…Go for the niche! Find areas of opportunity that competitors are missing, even if those keyword phrases don’t show as much search volume. It’s always interesting to look at the keyword phrases that driving people to your site, or to competitor sites. There are so many free tools out there that can generate great ideas. Depending upon the end goal of your mobile content strategy, you can turn to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google analytics for audience insights. Google analytics will also provide snapshots of current traffic data. Google’s keyword planner is an easy and free tool to measure search volume for keywords, and keyword phrases.

Hire A Digital Strategist

Google continues to shrink the real estate of local results. But, there are still opportunities to appear in the organic, “non-paid” results. Web developers and PPC managers aren’t the people who can do a great job with local SEO.

Make sure you have the right Digital Strategist to do the job.


“Google Only Loves You When Everyone Loves Your First”

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