Content Services

Confusing website content is all over the internet. No wonder Googlebot requires so many points of reference. Google has lots of opinions about content as well. (It’s not going to spend time crawling and indexing your website unless you’ve done it right.)

There’s a lot more to building quality content than what meets the eye. (Just look at this list!) But don’t worry! Leaning Tree Marketing is passionate about the topic, has content services to support your goals, and knows just what to do.

        • Website Landing Pages / Copywriting Services 
        • Content Strategies / Wireframing / Marketing
        • Content audits / Content SEO / On-Page SEO
        • Content Analysis / Development / Publishing
        • Branding / Visual Elements / Multimedia
        • Keyword Research / Competitive Analysis
        • Articles / Blogs / Press Releases/emails
        • KPIs / Analytics / Geotargeting
        • Success Stories / Case Studies
        • AI Supported Copywriting
        • Product Descriptions
        • Social Posting
        • Pillar Pages


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Content Strategies

There are as many content strategy decisions as there are reasons to search for something. (And even more tactics, messaging, and methods to hit the target.) Here are the main focus areas of a content strategy:

          1. Thought Leadership (Storytelling)
          2. Lead Generation (The ads and conversions)
          3. SEO (Optimization of content for search results)
          4. Authority (Build authority and expertise in a subject area)
          5. Experience (Demonstrate first-hand, life experience on a topic)


Copywriting VS Content Writing

Content writing and copywriting are often used interchangeably. Therefore, it’s worth a brief explanation:

“Content strategies involve content services that incorporate copywriting.  Copywriting is how words are put together for the purpose of persuasion and conversion. (Think about Ad copy or sales landing pages as an example.) Content writing focuses more on educating or creating brand awareness. (Think about website blogs or social media posts.) All forms of writing engage the reader and serve a unique purpose. In a harmonious strategy, they complement one another.”

Content Services At Any Stage

It’s never too late to re-evaluate content on AND off of your company website. Honesty, content changes even more than audiences do. In a perfect world, content services should begin at the website development stage. Developers who create websites without content and SEO specialists are making a mistake. Unfortunately, it happens a lot. But, who lives in a perfect world, right? At any stage, improve copywriting, get up to speed with new technology, (such as writing AI tools ), optimize landing pages, and make your most profitable opportunities more visible.

Additional copywriting services offered, which may or may not involve a website:

              • Sales Pieces
              • Newsletters
              • Podcast Copy
              • Marketing Materials
              • Email Copywriting
              • Ad Copywriting
              • Branding Copy
              • Authority Copy
              • Video Copy


Content Is More Than A Bunch Of Words

High-quality content is more than a bunch of words- it serves a HUGE purpose. At the least, content should be fresh and relevant to a particular audience with a particular intent. The content published for your business should have a unique point of view. (A niche.) The idea is to make it interesting, engaging, and strategic. Many experts say that when it comes to online performance, content matters the most. This is because good content has the potential to influence and provide information. When content services are the focal point, your business will have a greater chance of ranking for important keywords in Google and Bing. (ie. Content SEO.)


Copywriting Services Help Answer Questions

Content strategies and copywriting that get results have a clear purpose. As mentioned above, they simply answer the questions that searchers are looking for. Obviously, a business can’t possibly be everything to everyone. It is the job of professional content services to align your products and services to the intended audience.

              • Answers “who,” “what,” and “why” questions
              • Identify strengths, weaknesses & quick wins
              • Research competition, trends & keywords
              • Create an “ideal customer” profile
              • Determine writing tone and brand
              • Define goals & expectations
              • Position niche & brand
              • Outline tasks & KPI’s
              • Develop a plan of action


Content Services For Mobile Devices

Website content looks different between desktop and mobile, and for good reason. Typing, size, spacing, and padding… it’s all different. When it comes to content strategy on mobile devices, different things matter. For example, the best mobile content “cuts out the clutter,” but still offers access to the same information as the desktop version. The information is accessed with little “scrolling” down the page. The Leaning Tree Digital understands how to promote new products and services with short, snappy titles and keyword-rich descriptions that get “right to the point.” Each page of content placed on your mobile device will be served as a bite, snack, and meal. This means that the most important information is at the top, and easy to digest. Done correctly, mobile content WILL increase website traffic, sales, and overall marketing objectives.

Make sure that you’re represented by a Digital Team that covers all the important areas.

Outsource Professional Content Services

To achieve online visibility and lead generation goals, your website must contain robust, fresh, and relevant content. But as you have read, a content strategy isn’t limited to a website. There are many stops along a customer’s online journey toward your business. Content must be found in all those places including social platforms, reviews sites, industry-specific websites, and local searches. When your in-house team doesn’t have the manpower or know-how to handle the challenges of content, outsource professional copywriting and content writing services. The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing offers a wealth of experience with content and SEO, demonstrating results even in the most competitive industries.

Start With A Content Audit

It’s sometimes tax-deductible, and virtually painless. It will reveal the best opportunities for improvement. All that is required from you will be basic information about your niche, your IDEAL customer, and ultimately… your goals. Everything else can be identified and analyzed through a content audit.

To learn more about content audits and what they can do for you, fill out this request for more information.