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Strategies For Law Firms

Leaning Tree Marketing has over ten years of experience working with law firms in the Metro-Milwaukee area. In the beginning, these law firms didn’t have cohesive brand messaging or strategy. They were missing key positions which were necessary to “make the needle move.” Michelle at Leaning Tree Marketing filled those gaps. Working closely with the managing partners and other key positions; branding, SEO, website optimization, content writing, reviews, social media, and other online goals became a reality. 

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A High Level Of Knowledge And Experience

Lawyers don’t waste time. They’re super “to the point” and goal-oriented. Law firms expect a high level of integrity and work ethic. The good ones truly want to help people. Clearly, we share these attributes. These are a few of the reasons why we enjoy working together. Weeks turned into months and months into years. Along the way, there were challenges, but mostly triumphs. (COVID-19 was especially tough!) Through it all, Leaning Tree Marketing remained a strong voice and advocate. Working so closely with the legal teams and support staff over the years built a high level of knowledge and experience in this industry. If you’re a law firm, or an agency that has a legal niche, learn more about Michelle Bobzien

Professional And Ethical Standards 

There are ethical, professional, and client confidentiality rules that can impact professional services for law firms. The American Bar Association, Federal Trade Commission, and other legal entities provide guidelines that must be adhered to. From blogging to website content and social media… there are legal consequences for actions outside of the strict codes of conduct. Ultimately, the law firm is responsible for the content on its websites and social media. To be a good partner, it’s important to have this understanding, along with open collaboration with key members of the firm. 

Services Law Firms Benefit From

These are the important services that law firms agreed were necessary to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. 

  • Legal copywriting
    • website pages
    • landing pages
    • blog pages
    • content strategy
    • wireframing
  • Social media for law firms
    • profile management
    • images
    • cohesive branding
    • posting
  • Audits
    • Content gap analysis
    • Website performance
    • Keyword Opportunities
    • Conversions and KPIs
    • Visibility and reviews  
    • Competitive analysis
    • Organic SEO 
    • Citations and Directories
    • Interpretation of Data
  • Local search optimization for Google Maps
  • SEO Maintenance and implementation
  • Reputation management


Law Firm SEO

The basic foundations of branding and positioning steadily move into more complex strategies such as search optimization. What is essential for law firm SEO? A well-constructed organic SEO-optimized website that is full of relevant and updated content. It also includes looking at both on-site and off-site signals. It’s easy to say that SEO efforts address how well the website ranks in search engine results. Getting the job done is entirely different. For law firms, this is a highly competitive endeavor that requires constant attention and collaboration.

When you’re ready to build your brand, identify new niche opportunities, increase traffic, and turn web visitors into clients… build a team that has your best interests at hand.


Law Firm Exclusivity

Law firms are embracing remote workers and digital marketing. If you work in the legal industry, you already know how competitive it is. This is why Leaning Tree Marketing offers the option of competitive “exclusivity.” This means that the unique strategies and plans that are successfully implemented for your firm won’t be used simultaneously with direct competitors. Exclusivity is set aside for your legal category, and within the state in which physical locations are present. This provides more confidentiality and a competitive edge for you. Not to mention, overall better support for a long-term and very successful working relationship. 


Organic Traffic Focus 

Done right, the majority of your website leads will come from organic traffic. (Free and natural) Organic By improving organic search results you don’t have to depend on paid ads. Why would you want to? When a law firm depends upon paid ads alone, the costs continue to rise year after year. Organic traffic is more efficient. It can save you money AND make paid ad campaigns less expensive. In addition to a website that is set up for organic success, content has a big impact on success. Many law firms are still learning about how important an ongoing content strategy is. Mobile first is also critical to your success. (Today more than half of your leads should come from mobile and that number is growing fast.) Remember that everything works together, SEO, Content, Reputation, and Paid efforts. 

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Local Search Optimization For Law Firm

Need to optimize local search results for multiple locations and areas of practice? No problem! Google Maps search results are another SEO strategy that can include multiple offices. Any law firm that has at least one physical office location has a huge opportunity to participate in local search. This includes the optimization of Google My Business listings. It also involves the alignment of many off-site signals such as directories, citations, recommendations, and affiliations. Local SEO is one of the quickest ways to achieve top search engine results, but it can’t perform well on it’s own. Like building blocks, there are a few things that need to be addressed. For example, technical website items should be reviewed to ensure that your website is both crawlable and indexable. Then, a quick content audit can determine if there are keywords missing, duplicate pages, or missing content that could boost your exposure. Leaning Tree Marketing offers extensive experience working with law firms on every aspect of SEO.


Informative Call To Action Content

Every page of your website should have a strong “call to action” message with an effortless way for people to set up an appointment.  The more keywords that are optimized on your website, the more search queries that Google can align with your website.  Content is as relevant to search engines as new clients are to your law firm. Well-performing content helps achieve E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness) It supports top-level pages that are the main income generators for your law firm. to convert leads into clients. Whether it’s static website content, articles, blogs, or even social media posts… Leaning Tree Marketing has extensive experience in this area. 

Because your industry is so competitive, your digital team will need to look beyond the basics of an “ok-performing website.”

  • Adhere to unique privacy and disclaimer laws for legal websites and social media
  • Convince search engines that your E.E.A.T. (Experience, Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness) is better than a competitor
  • Ensure strategic YMYL guidelines are followed (Your Money Your Life guidelines)  
  • Follow Google Best Practices for website content and SEO
  • Optimized for both on-site and off-site organic signals 

When your law firm’s internet strategy is successful, it means that it will appear higher in search results. Ultimately you’ll receive more traffic and more qualified leads in the form of phone calls, online form submissions, and inquiries. And, as a bonus, you’ll pay less when bidding on paid keywords.

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