Law Firm SEO

SEO Strategies For Law Firms

Although SEO strategies are offered for a wide variety of industries, law firms are of particular interest. Currently, The Leaning Tree Digital has over ten years of experience working extensively with multi-location, non-competing law firms, in the Metro-Milwaukee area. This experience has leveraged my advanced status in legal copywriting and SEO for law firms. This includes practices with as many as seven office locations. In the beginning, these law firms were unsure how or where to start. The Leaning Tree Digital organized and prioritized each step. Starting with the basic foundations of branding and SEO, we steadily moved our way into more complex strategies. Every step at the pace of the law firm, within budget, aligned with their brand and always focused on their goals.

Find SEO Services For Your Law Firm

SEO services for your law firm will focus on your goals. In most cases, this includes emphasising your most lucrative areas of practice. Turn web visitors in to clients. Build your brand. Identify new niche opportunties. The possibilities are endless. Reach out to the Leaning Tree Digital. SEO services which may be unique from other SEO Consultants or agencies are listed below.

Law Firm Exclusivity

Most SEO professionals will not offer your firm competitive exclusivity. This means that any unique strategies that are implemented & successful for you can easily be shared with competitors. Because law firms are so competitive, I offer the option to be exclusive in your category, and within your state. This provides more confidentiality, a competitive edge for you. Overall better support for a long term and very successful working relationship. More importantly, I offer more than ten years of experience perfecting this art of law firm SEO.

More than half of your leads should come from mobile and that number is growing fast. Today, more than ever, your search engine performance on mobile is critical to your success. When your law firm’s is optimized for both on-site and off-site signals, it means that it will appear higher in search results. Ultimately you’ll receive more traffic and more qualified leads in the form of phone calls, online form submissions & inquiries. A law firm’s online reputation, SEO and other marketing endeavors depend on an technically sound website. (This is not a “set-it and forget it” mindset.) To maintain the health of your website and upkeep of your online brand, maintenance is necessary. Leaning Tree Digital services position your law firm for success.

Local Search Optimization For Law Firm

Need to optimize local search results for multiple locations and areas of practice? No problem! Even if you have just one location and one attorney, any law firm that has at least one physical office location has the opportunity to utilize the power of local search. This includes the optimization of Google My Business listings. It also involves the alignment of many off-site signals. Local SEO can’t perform well on it’s own. Like building blocks, technical SEO must be in place before local SEO can perform at an optimal level. The Leaning Tree Digital offers extensive experience working with law firms.

Informative Call To Action Content

Content is as relevant to search engines as it is to potential new clients. Well performing content helps achieve E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness) It supports top-level pages that are main income generators for your law firm. Furthermore, it has a strong “call to action” message to convert leads into clients. Whether it’s static website content, articles/blogs, or even social media posts, Leaning Tree Digital has extensive experience in this area. Content is a big player for law firm SEO in 2022 & beyond!

The data gathering and general tool box for SEO tasks, including Google Best practices, are universal. However, search optimization for the legal industry proves to be slightly different than other industries. The legal industry is super, super competitive. Designing a customized SEO strategy that will create growth for your firm requires more “out of the box” thinking regarding how to position legal terms & areas of practice for better search results. How Google, Bing & Yahoo display legal term search results is not always as expected. Convincing search engines that your E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness) is better than a competitor is time-intensive and highly strategic. Not to mention, law firm SEO has to adhere to unique privacy and disclaimer laws. Because your industry is so competitive, your digital team will need to look beyond a “well-performing website” to get more results.