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Copywriting Basics For The Emerging Writer

importance of user intent and writing guidlines for copywriters and the emerging writer for websites and online publications

To be successful, there are a handful of basic copywriting concepts to understand and follow. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, brand manager, new to copywriting, or emerging as a content strategist for websites, these fundamentals apply. Follow them to improve your writing and reach more goals.  What Is User Intent For Copywriting? This topic probably deserves …

Writing AI Technology VS Human Experience

will ai technology replace humans or who is using ai tools for writing website content

Methods of artificial intelligence that assist with creative writing have been available for decades. Whether you know it or not, content specialists have been using them. The emergence of ChatGPT and upcoming breakthroughs like Google’s Sparrow are creating a flurry of responses. As a result, the AI conversation has been amped up across every industry. …

Content Strategy For Underperforming Website Pages

content strategy for underperforming or outdated website pages

Underperforming website content can be a real frustration. For example, it’s easy for content to get bloated, and outdated, or for it to stop performing altogether. Sometimes it’s more difficult to relate to your audience than expected. You want more market share for a specific product or service. There’s an opportunity to perform better but …