Organic Rankings: What Every Business Should Know

how to get organic rankings for business website on google search results

Earn search engine rankings through free and natural algorithm strategies that connect your website to relevant search queries. For any growing business, organic search engine optimization is a must do! For a local business, take advantage of local organic opportunities. When done correctly, organic traffic is the most efficient source of qualified lead generation to your website. 

Organic Rankings In Search Engine Results

When your website is optimized for the products and services you offer, you’ll appear in organic search results. Organic search results will appear on both national and local SERP’s on Google. The most important thing to remember about organic rankings on Google is that the search results are earned, not paid. You simply cannot buy organic rankings. Therefore, you must work smart to ensure you can get them. Build a digital team that can impliment effective SEO. The best place to begin is to either hire an SEO Digital Strategist, or study Google’s “best practices” and Google “algorithms.” 

Win Organic Rankings With Good Content

Because search engines want to provide searchers the most highly qualified information, content on your website must match what people are searching for. Good content will win natural, organic search results every time. So, what makes good content? It’s not the number of words or the number of keywords on a page. To gain organic sessions, it will take a combination of factors…and time.  

  1. Impliment a solid content strategy which is fresh, robust & organized
  2. Be what people are searching for (in-depth)
  3. Refine on-page SEO 
  4. Do your research: What sets you apart? 
  5. Use both short & long-tail keywords
  6. Ensure that technical SEO is implimented on your website
  7. Aim to gain authority in your industry or expertise 
  8. Monitor conversions and key analytics metrics
  9. Analyze the SERP with SEO tools
  10. Promote and link your content


“All good things are wild and free.”

Henry David Thoreau


Types Of SERP’s

You may have noticed that Google has many ways to display organic results in SERP’s. (search engine results pages) SERP’s can improve traffic to your website, increase conversions, amplify authority and turbo-boost branding. Therefore, there’s a benefit for businesses to work towards gaining them, in any form. As a business, you probably don’t have the SEO glossary of terms memorized. Just give people what they want more often which is typically quick answers. Ensure that there is enough in-depth content to follow, if case they really want to “dig-in.” Here are three of the most common (non-paid) types of SERP’s to aim for: 

  1. Videos and bulleted lists have become wildly popular. (Especially for “how-to’s.)
  2. Carousels are often displayed when the search involves the “best” or “top-rated” something. (Typically involve authors, articles, or artists.)
  3. Featured snippets are small “snippets” of text. (bulleted lists, step by step instructions & tables)


Get Help With Organic Traffic

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