SEO Services

How To Get Better Rankings

Search engines are a powerful lead channel that drive traffic to a website; this is why most strive to be on page one of Google. The problem is that most business owners have too little time & understanding about how to get better rankings. The SEO related business services offered by Leaning Tree Digital help bridge this gap; addressing all of the complexities that accompany effective search engine optimization.

  • Content Writing / Content Marketing
  • SEO Copywriting / Business Blogging / Social Posting
  • Local SEO / Google Maps/ Geo Targeting
  • Google My Business Management / Multi-business
  • On-Page SEO (Page Titles/Tags & Descriptions)
  • Rebuilding Underperforming Content Strategies
  • Branding / Reviews / Multimedia Components
  • Organic SEO / Website Maintenance
  • KPI’s / Analytics / Webmaster Tools
  • Keyword Research / Competitive Analysis
  • High Value Citations / Link Building
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Audits


SEO For Any Business Vertical 

Search engine optimization is an ongoing endeavor with a large number of moving parts that can change quickly. The Leaning Tree Digital has helped optimize websites for a large variety of business verticals who provide various services and/or products to customers or clients:

  • legal
  • auto
  • real estate
  • home improvement
  • tourism
  • speaking / training
  • health
  • retail
  • brick & mortar business
  • online only business


Mobile SEO Services

For many businesses, mobile websites are generating more than 50% of total website traffic. Since Google enforced mobile-first indexing in 2019, mobile search optimization has become more important than desktop or other platforms. This doesn’t mean that we forget desktop traffic, but it does change things a bit. Your website, both mobile and desktop versions, should be coded to ensure search engine crawlers can easily read and understand content across all devices. It should also be developed to ensure that website visitors can easily load, navigate and consume the site. (What it has to offer, why choose your business, etc.) Web pages should effectively represent your practice, goods, services or products. Most importantly, your mobile site should convert visitors into customers or clients. All of these things make up mobile SEO services.

Contractual SEO Services

The Leaning Tree Digital works both short-term (project) contracts & long-term partnerships. There are several businesses in the Milwaukee, WI area that we have worked with extensively over the years. Those clients have also benefited from exclusivity in their categories. Other clients prefer to work on a shorter-term agreement. What works for your business will depend largely on the competitiveness of your industry, your goals, and budget restraints. Years of experience in a variety of business types and terms has cultivated excellent customization skills which demonstrate results even in the most competitive industries. Remember, the more competitive of your industry or marketplace- the more time, energy and budget it may take to get the results you’re looking for.

Organic SEO Services

Organic, (free or “earned” results), search optimization is the main focus of all services offered by The Leaning Tree Digital. Unless the intent is to invest lots of money into Paid Ads, (PPC traffic), most of your website traffic will come from natural, free & organic search engine results. It is important that organic technical SEO is correctly implemented. There are many proven strategies to improve organic traffic and appear higher in these results. Some of the strategies will involve technical SEO but many also involve content writing & content marketing.

SEO Misconceptions

The biggest misconception is that someone can “guarantee” a number one spot in Google search results. This is simply not true. Another rumor is that there are “friends” at Google who give the secret SEO recipe away. Truth be told, Google offers a lot of advice that is accessible by any SEO professional who knows where to find it. Lastly, it’s important to note that SEO can’t be setup by a developer then left unattended. Even newly developed websites can have issues that negatively impact search optimization. As a matter of fact, SEO just gets started after the development of a website. Keeping up with Google algorithm updates and ensuring that a website is at peak performance is a full-time job for any high-performing digital team.  There is almost always something that needs to be  improved on your website to maintain your competitive position.

Google Best Practices

Leaning Tree Digital follows Google Best Practices. SEO automation tools are utilized to ensure  strategies work for your business. Part of ensuring that strategies work is by testing and documenting results through KPI’s & other benchmarks. Find a digital strategist or SEO consultant like the Leaning Tree Digital that offers a wide variety of knowledge, experience and skillsets around Google search engine optimization. All of these are necessary to maximize your internet strategy and visibility goals.