Social Profiles Do Rank In Search

social media seo for search engine results on google

Consider Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter as part of your online exposure in SERPs. (Search Engine Results Pages.) Why? Because social profiles DO rank in search engines for branded queries.

They are not a direct ranking factor for website pages. Yet, they are very important to branded search results. Test this theory by placing a couple of different branded business names into Google search. What you’ll find is that social platforms often appear in search rankings on page one. They appear within the “free,” non-paid, organic search results. Looking solely at branded search results, the goal is to occupy the entire first page of results. Occasionally, social platforms will show up in other types of search queries, but their best search performance stands with branding.

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Social Impact on Business

The impact of social media on your business can be negative or positive. There are more obvious ways that social media outlets help your business. The list below covers some of the obvious, and possibly a few that had not been considered previously:

  • Appear in more organic SERPs on social platforms & Google
  • Acquire all of page one organic search results for brand
  • Showcase website pages to new audiences
  • Display products & explain services
  • Actively participate in Q&A
  • Builds E.A.T (expertise, authority & trust)
  • Feed website pages with inbound links
  • Encourage conversation & word of mouth advertising
  • Extend branding message & products / services
  • Gain consumer insight & gauge online reputation
  • Reach & impact specific demographics
  • Gain consumer insight & gauge online reputation
  • Reach & impact specific demographics


The Difference Between Technical And Social

Technical, (organic SEO), and Social Media have different purposes. Nothing is more important regarding the foundation of an online business than technical SEO. But let’s consider how they compliment one another. (As all SEO efforts should!) Here’s how it works: Technical SEO connects the search engine crawlers to pages on your website based on searcher’s intent and industry related keywords. Social media EXTENDS those efforts. Social is a form of modern marketing that takes your online visibility far beyond a well-developed website. Do you have a digital team in place that can handle both?

Social Media For Business

Top social channels are for business purposes as much as they are for the customer. Especially in a highly competitive industry, addressing all “touchpoints” of a customer’s journey is crucial. Why? Because the “journey” will almost always include social media platforms. Of course, you must know your audience to be able to identify where their journey begins and ends. The social impact of your brand has longer-term advantages than other more obvious efforts. It’s advisable to offer profiles that engage the potential lead and also align nicely with overall company goals. Magic happens when technical, content, social, and paid efforts work together!

Engage Socially With Potential Customers

Carefully select your social media channels. Have a creative discussion with your digital and marketing team members to discuss brand, messaging, use of hashtags, and overall objectives. Include competitive research along with demographics, and the offerings of each platform. Done correctly, you can fully engage with potential customers and clients.

  • Subscriptions
  • Live broadcasts
  • Q&A
  • Storytelling & Promotion
  • Links back to your website
  • Detailed “services” & “products” pages
  • Posting of video, photos, infographics, etc.
  • Announcements & free offers
  • Messenger & other communication streams


Don’t Ignore Social Media

The most important reasons why you should NOT ignore social media are as follows: #1) It leaves a negative impression when potential customers can’t find your business on social platforms. #2) Competitors may steal positions on page one of YOUR brand search results. #3) There’s a negative impression when social media is handled incorrectly. #4) There will be lost opportunities to grow your business & generate leads

Hire Help For Social Media

Undeniably, social influences are fully integrated into professional spaces online. We know that social CAN appear in search results and CAN boost branding efforts. It’s important to point out that the way social media is used for one business will not be the same for another. Deciding how social media will be setup and managed is a challenge for many. Some businesses get that far then fail at keeping up with posts/tweets or other opportunities. When you need a strategy and implementation, we can help. The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing gets social media platforms, yet understands that search pays the bills. Get help with your social plan and amplify your overall search engine efforts.

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