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Mobile Content for Local Search Results

how to make sure mobile search engine performance is maximized for mobile search results

Google established mobile-first indexing because there was a shift happening between desktop and mobile search activity. Today, mobile devices account for most organic search engine visits, and no surprise, most of them are on Google. To improve rankings in local search results, there are strategies that involve multiple moving parts. Many of those strategies involve …

Location Landing Page for Service-Related Multiple Location Business

Location landing page, local seo, and search engine results on Google Maps help from a digital strategist with experience. Find out which freelancers are available to hire for your SEO needs.

Is it a location page? YES! Is it a landing page? YES! Leaning Tree Marketing often finds businesses with multiple locations not performing as well as they could in local search results. At first glance, many of these businesses, such as law firms, insurance agencies, financial planners, and home improvement services appear to have decent …