Top Search Engines For Your Business

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There are strategies to ensure that you get excellent visibility on the internet. Search engines are necessary to achieve all of those goals. Google started in 1996. Since then, search engines have been the driving force behind gaining an edge in a competitive marketplace. Although the Google giant owns the majority of search volume, the market size of the search engine industry is growing. Each search engine has unique features. Each one is different. Throw in AI technology, and the competition becomes even more fierce. Depending on the search engine chosen for your online strategy, there are opportunities to grab large audiences or to target niche populations that are more difficult to reach.

Search Engine Algorithms

SEO professionals understand that what may be important to rank on Google may not be on other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo. Each search engine has its own crazy, mathematical formulas to deliver search results. (Otherwise called “algorithms.”) Amazon may not be considered a search engine to most folks, but it is a product-based search engine that can’t be ignored. It continues to make gains as a search tool and impacts search engine optimization for other platforms- like Google. There are a variety of methodologies used to determine the share of each search engine, so take that into consideration when viewing the data sources below.


The Search Engine Niche

Google processes billions of searches every day across desktop, mobile, and other devices. It’s no surprise that Google holds the largest market share for searches on mobile. Interestingly, each search engine is finding a niche. For example, Google is dominating mobile search, Amazon is charging ahead with product-based search and Duck-Duck-Go is where many people go for search privacy. As a business or digital marketer, it’s important to identify the search engines that will align the best with the target audience. Once this determination has been made, you can move forward with search engine optimization to get your website to rank higher in Google or other search results.

Get a good grasp on “best practices” for search optimization. (Or outsource SEO services.)


Don’t Discount Smaller Search Engines

Not surprisingly based on the stats, the majority of searchers across the globe prefer Google. Google offers both national and local search platforms as do Bing and Yahoo. Don’t discount smaller search engines. They may be less competitive and for that reason, they may allow your business to rank higher and convert into leads easier than using Google. When it comes to increasing your online visibility and internet leads, there’s nothing to lose by ensuring that your business is found on all search engines. YouTube considers itself a search engine, as does Facebook. Both of those platforms also have a unique following and plenty of traffic. With more than 2 billion searches each month, the product-based Amazon search engine can’t be ignored if you have physical items to sell.

Search Engines And Online Reputation

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your online reputation. One way to do this is to search your name and brand on all search engines. Do it today! It’s interesting to see what pops up, and how search results differ in search results pages. (SERP’s) After reading this article, you realize that search engines have their own niche. You also realize that the order of popularity may be different based on the methodology used. The list below is in no specific order.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • Buzzsumo
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Webcrawler

Search Optimization For Your Business Future

Interestingly, according to SEMrush data, the Yahoo search engine is used more than Bing. Yet Statista shows Bing as larger than Yahoo. Also, Statista indicates that Google has been slowly losing market share to Bing. (In the past 10 years, Bing’s market share has increased from 3.6% to 7.6%) It will be interesting to see who builds momentum in the future. Will it be Bing or Yahoo? Or will it be one of the lesser-known search engines? Search engine optimization is important for the future of your business. A solid SEO strategy can not only increase how your business ranks on top search engines but ensure that you are well-represented on the smaller ones as well. Digital marketing experts agree that SEO work is time-consuming and complex.

If you’re thinking about putting together a team to build a new website, there should be an understanding of what the top search engines are and how to get in their good graces. It is also advised to fill out this inquiry form for help with SEO. It will connect you to Leaning Tree Marketing.