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Why should you consider adding creativity to your website? Because by creating relevant and persuasive content, you are more likely to interest, captivate and motivate your visitors to take action. Anyone can come up with paragraphs of information; that is the easy part. However, without creativity, you may be missing the emotional component of a sale. As visual, voice, social, mobile and other interactive platforms continue to increase in usage; expect them to also increase in demand. Step up your game before your competitors do! Take your foundation, (an informative, functional website), and make it spectacular. Here are creative ways to inspire, captivate and build interest with potential customers.

Creative Web Content Ideas

Write Interesting Headers & Titles

Mix in Some Animation

Make It Interactive

Add a Personal Touch

Tell Your Story

Incorporate Social Media

Share a “Must Do” list

Answer a “Question Of The Week”

Speak in Layman’s Terms

Use Words Of Inspiration & Motivation

Utilize Original Work & Illustrations

Create A Color-Palate & Theme

Incorporate Natural (not posed) Photos

Hire a Videographer for Testimonials

Display A Visual Process

Show Your Team At Work

Create A Contest or Survey

Share Top Posts As A Slideshare

Turn Customer Reviews Into JPG’s

Start a Podcast

Where To Begin

Adding creative content to your website begins with an idea. Coming up with creative ideas doesn’t have to be difficult, if you know your customer and your options. Creativity comes more natural for some. For others, just start by asking yourself key questions. Who are your customers? What are they interested in? How does that interest reflect in your website? Sometimes all it takes is some brainstorming. Gather your few – have some drinks and snacks. Let them share their thoughts and ideas. Have them talk about their favorite commercials, videos, taglines, etc. How can something that has caught their attention be transpired into something that catches your customers attention? Give each person a piece of paper. Tell them to first, (and most importantly), think about the target customer. Pretend they are the target customer. Then, have them jot down a list of headlines that would get their attention. Turn these into page headers, website blog titles, or photo captions.

If you still don’t have good ideas, search social platforms like Facebook or Pinterest. Come up with a theme that may attract your audience and incorporate it into your website. Be relatable. Do some Google searches for competitor sites but don’t be a “copy-cat.” Take what you find and put your own twist on it… Talk to your developer about updating your web design to be more animated and interactive. (without sacrificing web load speed) Ask your content writer to re-vamp a top products or services page with creative elements to make it stand out. Hire a photographer or videographer and listen to their ideas. Try something new!

Leaning Tree Creative Skills

The Leaning Tree Digital combines creative skills with a local network of talent & SEO experience. Achieve an impactful, easy to digest, SEO-friendly CREATIVE content strategy – one that works for YOUR business!

Creative content practices that don’t have to require a large investment:

  1. Copywriting & Web Content: (Promote & Sell your brand / Convert Visitors to New Leads)
  2. Video: (Live Streaming, Branding, Interviews, Testimonials & Demonstrations)
  3. Blogging: (Engage Visitors while supporting Bread & Butter services/products pages)
  4. Branding: (Build Cohesiveness & Achieve Brand Exposure Beyond Website)
  5. Podcasts & Webinars: (Q&A, Educate Audience, Showcase Products & Services)
  6. Infographics: (Tell a Visual story & Make important Points In Easy To Follow Format)
  7. Social Media: (Encourage Engagement, Learn About Customers & Support Website)
  8. Case Studies & Reviews: (Build Authority, Share Expertise, Share Experience)
  9. Photography: (Personalize Business & Engage Readers/Website Visitors)
  10. Analytics & Competitive Analysis: (Gain Insight & Track Performance)

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