Why Hire A White Label Partner?

White labeling products and services is a method of rebranding. Although I feel that white labeling has become more common since COVID-19, the process has been around forever. It’s basically a way perform work under the branding of another company or agency. So why should you think about hiring a white label partner? It’s a great way to save money and create a more expansive list of offerings. It’s also good for networking, closing sales, and having extra capable hands on deck when it gets busy.

White Label Negotiations

The “white-labeling” a grocery store uses is one interpretation of the protocol; allowing foods to be priced lower. Business partnerships are far from being “cheap” or “generic.” Services are offered for less than the cost of bringing on a new employee but there is still investment involved. The professional who is offering the services can expect to make less than working direct. Besides payment, there are other things to negotiate. Such things as flexibility, communication, and privacy. (Regarding who is going to take credit for the work.) Most white-labels do not have contact with the clients themselves. Occassionally, access will be granted to an in-house email account. My personal experience working white-label jobs has been mixed. Once thing is for certain; both parties need to lay down some basic expectations and communicate openly. This way, there is a better chance for a mutually beneficial relationship.

White-Label Positioning

For a little side-hussle or a long-term endeavor, there are benefits for both sides of the partnership. The partnership works for any type of business as well. (ie. law firms, retail stores, contractors, medical facilities, events, etc) White label partners allow your business to tap into expert servcies that are not your expertise. For example, The Leaning Tree Digital doesn’t develop websites or place PPC ads, so those services are not on my site. However, if I wanted to offer these services, I could outsource them from a white-label partner. At that point, place on website as available services. Many agencies work this way. I have always been a proponent of transparency, but each business or agency has the right to decide how they want to position themselves and their offerings.

What A White Label Should Look Like

Many businesses had to close doors or cut back due to the pandemic. As a result, digital marketers were also hit hard. This is not an industry for the weak, nor is it the place for people who can’t reinvent or rethink strategies. When I think about what a “white-label” should offer, my own experiences come to mind.

  • expertise should allow the business to focus better on their core services
  • negotiations should save the business money vs hiring internally
  • partners should be as flexible as they are dependable
  • work should be honest and transparent
  • willingness to sign non-compete agreements

White Label Digital Marketing

Because consumers are using search engines more aggressively than ever before, SEO can’t be ignored. Your business landscape may be altered permanently. Consider your resources such as “white-label” digital marketing. Digital marketing services from Leaning Tree Digital keep websites SEO optimized, local maps SEO running strong, and off-line copy current to show that you business is running strong. Each client receives custome services aligned with their available budgets. If you need a digital marketing white label partner for any of the SEO related services listed here, The Leaning Tree Digital can help.

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