Why Hire A White Label Partner?

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White labeling products and services is an efficient and effective method of rebranding. Although white labeling has become more common since COVID-19, the process has been around forever. Regarding digital marketing, it’s a way to perform work under the branding of another company or agency. So why should you think about hiring a white label partner? If you’re a growing agency, hiring a white-label partner like Leaning Tree Digital is the best way to offer a more expansive list of offerings under your own brand. Everything from SEO to Creative Content Writing to the development of Under-Performing Pages to Business Blogging and Social Media Management. 

Build your digital team! When it gets busy, you then have qualified help to close more sales and deliver the goods. This kind of partnership is used by agencies who need professional expertise in a niche area of digital marketing. Or, it can be a good backup when more “hands-on deck” are needed.

White Label Negotiations

Unlike how a grocery store uses the protocol, digital white labels are far from being “cheap” or “generic.” It is true that the services offered to your agency should be far less than the cost of bringing on a new employee. However, there are still some time and money investments involved. Take your time to make sure there is alignment between both parties. Be prepared: White label negotiations will involve a little “give and take” from both sides. Cost of services may have to be slightly less so that the agency partner can experience a solid profit margin. Whereas an agency who refers the most business will be more beneficial to the white-label.

Communication Is Key

My personal experience working white-label jobs has been mixed. Once thing is for certain; both parties need to lay down some basic expectations and communicate openly. This way, there is a better chance for a mutually beneficial relationship. Expect to disucss everything from fees to privacy policies and expectations. Many white-labels have contact with the clients. (Zoom calls or email boxes arranged.) Some businesses will ask for a non-disclose agreement. When discussing communication, ensure that there is a clear understanding and agreement from both sides.

White Label Partnerships

The white label partnership can apply to businesses outside of agencies as well. (ie. law firms, retail stores, contractors, medical facilities, events, etc) In any capacity, white label partners allow your business to tap into expert servcies that are not your expertise. For example, The Leaning Tree Digital doesn’t place PPC ads, so this services is not on my website. However, if I needed to offer this service, I could outsource from a white-label partner who specialized in this area. Once a partnership is established, I could place PPC on the website as an “available service.” Many agencies work this way. I have always been a proponent of transparency. Each business or agency has the right to decide how they want to position themselves and their offerings.

What A White Label Service Should Look Like

Many businesses had to close doors or cut back due to the pandemic. Things are starting to pickup now. (yay!) This has never been an industry or place for people who can’t reinvent or rethink strategies. The Leaning Tree Digital is located in Metro-Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But with virtual business booming, it doens’t matter where your team resides. Be open-minded; after all, white-label partnerships are good for everyone involved. A nice little “side-hussle” for independent digital strategists. A life-saver for agencies who need more help, or experts in a specific area of digital marketing. When I think about what a “white-label” service should look like, my own experiences come to mind.

  • expertise should allow the business/agency to focus better on their core services
  • negotiations should save the business/agency money vs hiring internally
  • the white-label should benefit equally
  • communication is not just an expectation but a requirement
  • partners should be as flexible as they are dependable
  • work should be honest and transparent
  • collaborate & grow together
  • love what you do!

White Label Digital Marketing

Because consumers are using search engines more aggressively than ever before, digital services can’t be ignored. Keep websites SEO optimized, local maps SEO running strong, and copy current with fresh content and posts.

Consider a white label partner and contact Leaning Tree Digital for SEO.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”


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